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Scalp Lacerations from a Car Accident

A scalp laceration is a very serious injury, which many of our clients suffer when they are involved in a car accident. According to the American Academy of Family Physicians, about 6 million people end up in the emergency room every year with lacerations. These cuts carry many complications, which is why our Miami personal injury lawyers encourage all people with head wounds to go immediately to the hospital following an accident.

How People Cut their Heads in Auto Accidents

A motor vehicle accident can cause a scalp laceration in one of several ways:

  • Shattered glass can cut the scalp or sometimes even become embedded in the skin
  • A motorist can strike their head on metal inside the car
  • A faulty airbag can expel metal fragments when the bag deploys
  • An unbuckled motorist can be thrown from the vehicle and strike their head on something sharp
  • An object inside the vehicle can become airborne and strike a person’s head

Scalp wounds tend to bleed a considerable amount, so it is sometimes difficult to gauge the seriousness of the cut at the scene of the accident.

Complications from Scalp Lacerations

Any laceration on the scalp should receive prompt treatment. The first order of business is to stop bleeding and then to clean the wound. Apply pressure to the wound using a clean piece of cloth. A doctor should also analyze whether you have suffered a skull fracture, which might occur depending on the force that was applied to the head.

A key complication is infection. A wound can become infected in several ways. For example, if you were thrown from the vehicle, then dirt or other debris could lodge itself in the wound. Other people pick up an infection when they use a non-sterile piece of cloth to stop the bleeding. A doctor should remove necrotic tissue from the wound to reduce the chance of infection and determine whether to give the patient a tetanus shot.

Another key concern is cosmetic. A deep laceration can cause hair not to grow at the site of injury and might be visible, depending on its location. Disfiguring scars can cause deep emotional distress for many people, which makes it incredibly hard to overcome the accident.

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