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Obtained Over $1 Billion in Settlements & Trial Verdicts

We’re DDRB.

Here are DDRB we are South Florida’s expert personal injury attorneys.  We handle all types of injury cases including: car accidents, medical malpractice, personal injury, premises liability, wrongful death and more.


Video Transcript

Dan Dolan: We are DDR. With over 75 years of courtroom and trial experience, we formed a law firm to help people. 

Randy Rosenblum: When we take on big companies, we get results for our clients. Less than 5 months ago we obtained a $36M verdict against a huge corporation on behalf of the family of a man who died too young of lung cancer. 

Manuel Dobrinsky: If you lost the ability to provide for your family due to a serious injury then your case is a DDR case. Severe injuries can impact your ability to work and diminish your overall quality of life. At DDR your concerns become our top priority.

When you have everything on the line, who you choose to be your lawyer matters. DDR has the trial experience and reputation to protect you against large corporations with unlimited resources. We bear the cost of building your cas so we can provide justice for your loss.

What is Wrongful Death?


Video Transcript

Randy Rosenblum:One of the cases we handle here at DDR is wrongful death. A wrongful death case can occur when someone dies because of the negligence or intentional misconduct of another person or of a company. Here at DDR, we’ve handled many such types of cases. In a wrongful death case, we can recover damages for a surviving spouse, for surviving children, and also economic damages for the person’s estate. If someone you know or love died because of the negligence or intentional misconduct of another person or a company, call us here at DDR to see if we can help you.

Can I Sue for Misdiagnosis?


Video Transcript

Manuel Dobrinsky: When a doctor or a laboratory fail to recognize signs or symptoms of a disease that could easily be treated, this can lead to serious consequences. For example, in cancer cases when a diagnosis is not made in a timely manner, this often deprives people of the opportunity to get the treatment that could have saved their lives. Our law firm has experience in handling these types of cases and obtaining justice for the families of the loved ones who end up losing their lives due to the misdiagnosis by a medical provider.

Should I Settle or Go to Trial?


Video Transcript

Dan Dolan: One of the most common questions that clients ask us is whether or not their case is going to be settled or tried. My answer is always the same, “that’s up to the client”. It’s the client that suffered and it’s the client that has the ultimate authority about whether or not to try or settle his or her case. At DDR, we are prepared to try every case in which we are retained, which means taking the necessary depositions and getting the case in a trial-ready posture so that whether tried or settled, the client has the best chance of a full and fair recovery.

Our Attorneys in the News

Video 1 Transcript

News Anchor: A toddler is attacked by a 62-pound cougar at the Coral Gables home of Goya Foods executive Francisco Unanue. He hired the [inaudible]-based Wild Animal World for his child’s birthday party last month. Now, according to police, the animal got spooked during the show and bit the four year old girl on the face. Her family is now taking legal action.

Dan Dolan: If hosts, if parents, think it’s a good idea to have wild animals at birthday parties, then they would be well-served that they hire the most professional and able people to perform that function. Obviously, we think that the trainer, who has a horrible track record of allowing other children to get bit, is responsible, and we believe anybody who hired her is just as responsible for not realizing that they were bringing somebody into their home that had no business doing what she was doing. 

News Anchor: The four-year old is recovering from those injuries to her face, the cougar has been put to sleep. As for Wild Animal World, Florida Fish and Wildlife is investigating, so far no charges have been filed.

Video 2 Transcript

Joy Purdy: Welcome back. This is a horrifying thought, a child mauled by a cougar brought to a birthday party for entertainment.

Robb Hanrahan: Right in front of everyone. While the little girl recovers from her injuries, her family is planning a lawsuit. CBS 4’s Shomari Stone has more on the story, we [inaudible] with our partners at the Miami Herald.

Dan Dolan: What happened to this poor child is what’s happened three different times years ago.

Shomari Stone: A cougar mauled on a four-year old girl’s head and face, nearly severing her ear.

Dan Dolan: I’m disgusted because it was so preventable. This company has a horrible track record of exposing kids to this type of wild animal treatment.

Shomari Stone:
 According to Wild Animal World’s website, a trainer shows the exotic animals at parties for a fee. Francisco Unanue, President of Goya Foods, hosted a birthday party for his daughter in the backyard of their Coral Gables mansion last month and hired Wild Animal World. According to police reports this woman, [inaudible], the company’s president, was the one showing the children the cougar when [inaudible] warned the kids to remain calm but the four-year old snuck up from behind, startling the cat.

Dan Dolan: Our state has a law that requires that when these types of cats are displayed in this fashion, that there are barriers placed to make sure the little kids don’t do what they’re always going to do, which is try to get close to the animal.

Shomari Stone: And we tried reaching Francisco Unanue in his home. Let’s walk up these stairs real quick. *buzzes intercom* Hi, Shomari Stone from CBS 4. No one came to the door. And at the four-year old’s home her family wouldn’t comment. The child has undergone several plastic surgeries and according to her lawyer, she’s still traumatized. He plans on filing a civil lawsuit against Unanue and Wild Animal World.

Dan Dolan: Everybody responsible, will be part of our civil suit. And that includes the host who invited this bad trainer to their home and also the trainer who didn’t follow the law.

Shomari Stone: Adharash Mccabe has trained big cats for 20 years. He now manages the Wild Animal Show at Parrot Jungle.

Adharash Mccabe: There are established protocols and systems you can use so it is safe. These people were not using safe systems.

Shomari Stone: We tried reaching officials from Wild Animal World and they didn’t return our phone calls. The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission is investigating the attack. Meanwhile, the attorney representing the little girl hasn’t told us when he plans on filing the lawsuit. In Coral Gables, I’m Shomari Stone, CBS 4 News.

Video 3 Transcript

Jennifer Valoppi: Good evening everyone, I’m Jennifer Valoppi.

Martha Sugalski: And I’m Martha Sugalski. Tonight, a South-Florida family claims one mistake at a neighborhood drug store pharmacy has forever changed their lives.

Valoppi: This happened after the error landed a loved one in the hospital. Jaylene Rodriguez spoke with the family today. She’s at our downtown Miami studios.

Jaylene Rodriguez: Well now that family is taking action filing a lawsuit against that drug store in Miami. And as we found out today, prescription mistakes are more common than you may think. Armie Glover’s family said that at age 93, Glover was fairly healthy and enjoyed a good quality of life. But this is him now, after a drug store allegedly gave him the wrong medicine.

Cathy Walker: He says it’s a look-alike, sound-alike medication. We’re sorry that we did give him the wrong medication.

Jaylene Rodriguez: Glover’s daughter says her father suffered a stroke as a result of a mix-up at Live and Let Live Drug Store in Miami. Now, he can’t walk or talk and he’s lost control of his bowel movements. His daughter says he doesn’t even recognize his loved ones.

Cathy Walker: Ever since then it’s been very difficult for the family.

Jaylene Rodriguez: Glover’s attorney alleges his client was given this drug, an anti-seizure medication instead of his high blood pressure medicine, with a similar name. Without his hypertension medication his blood pressure skyrocketed, eventually causing a stroke.

Dan Dolan: There’s neurologists involved in the case and we’ve only filed this case because medically, it was provable.

Jaylene Rodriguez: We tried talking with the pharmacy’s owner but a manager told us he was unavailable for comments, he instead referred us to the pharmacy’s attorney, who had this to say.

*Proceeds to read a teleprompter with the pharmacy’s attorney’s statement.*

“We are investigating the facts and circumstances at this point. We do not have sufficient facts to comment on any specific claims being made because we have not seen the lawsuit.” – Richard Cole, Defense Attorney.

Experts say prescription mistakes, like Glover’s, are not uncommon. One study by the Institute of Medicine shows at least 7,000 people die every year in the United States due to prescription mistakes by pharmacists and doctors.

Cathy Walker: We’re definitely hoping that they could be careful when they fill those bottles and when they label them so that this will not happen again to someone else.

Jaylene Rodriguez: And while researching this story, we found that not only are the smaller neighborhood drug stores being named in lawsuits but some of the bigger chains have been accused of making mistakes as well. Experts say the best way to protect yourself is to double-check your prescription medicine when you pick it up at your local pharmacy. Live from our downtown Miami studios, Jaylene Rodriguez.

Video 4 Transcript

Danielle Knox: A man suffers a stroke after allegedly receiving the wrong medication from a pharmacy. Now his family is demanding justice. The family says 93-year old Armie Glover received a medication to treat anxiety, not his high blood pressure. They say that mishap almost proved to be a deadly mistake. Cathy Walker says her 93-year old father, Armie Glover is a shell of his former self.  

Cathy Walker: I saw my dad deteriorating over the several days after taking the medication. 

Danielle Knox: She says Glover went to the Live and Let Live Pharmacy in Miami to refill his prescription for the high blood pressure medicine, ClonidineBut said the pharmacy made an irreversible error, giving her dad Klonopin instead. An anti-anxiety, anti-seizure medication. According to a lawsuit filed by the family after taking the Klonopin, they noticed a dramatic change in their father’s health. An MRI confirmed Glover had suffered a stroke. 

Dan Dolan: He doesn’t know his family, he’s not continent, he has to wear adult diapers. He can’t feed himself, he can’t brush his teeth, he can’t get out of bed. He’s in very bad condition.

Danielle Knox: The lawsuit alleges the stroke was brought on by the Klonopin which depressed Glover’s system to the point where it was unable to deal with the effects of his hypertension. Sending his blood pressures sky-high. UPN 33’s [inaudible] went to the Live and Let Live Pharmacy for a comment on the lawsuit.

Reporter: Have you seen the lawsuit? 

Man: Uh, no. Someone had called. I’ve had many phone calls, so. I’m just waiting to hear from the lawyer, okay? Don’t call me. 

Reporter: Did you make a mistake? 

Man: I can’t comment on something I don’t know.

Danielle Knox: The family says the pharmacy did admit to the medical mistake just after it happened. As for Armie Glover, his family says his life will never be the same. And his family also says Armie Glover is unable to care for himself and is receiving hospice care right now. There is no word on what damages the family is seeking in that lawsuit.

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