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Hidden dangers of parking lots

Many Hillsborough area residents are more concerned about their vehicles than they are about their personal safety in parking lots. However, many parking lots have hidden dangers that can make them unsafe places. Although business owners provide their patrons with parking facilities to accommodate their vehicles, they must also ensure that adequate security and safety measures are in place to protect their customers.

According to Risk Assessment Services, crimes and injuries that occur in parking lots due to inadequate security and a lack of preventative safety measures are the cause of many lawsuits against businesses and shopping centers. Parking lots are the scene for approximately 80 percent of criminal activities. Common issues that affect patron safety in parking lots include:

  • Inadequate lighting, which provides the optimal environment for falls and criminal acts, such as assault, rape, murder, and robbery.
  • Slippery and uneven surfaces that can lead to unintentional falls.
  • Car accidents from lack of visibility due to design issues that make it challenging to see other pedestrians.

There may also be other overlooked safety issues that put pedestrians at risk in parking lots.

SecurityNet states that there are ways property owners can implement a variety of improvements to increase parking lot safety for their patrons. These measures include limiting access to parking structures and adding a sufficient amount of surveillance systems, emergency response equipment and lights to deter crime and increase visibility. Parking lot owners should also regularly inspect and maintain surfaces to ensure they are safe for all pedestrians to walk on and improve parking lot design to eliminate blind spots.

Parking facilities and structures are convenient for both businesses and customers. However, without proper safety measures and equipment, patrons can become victims of the hidden dangers of parking lots.