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Broken Bones

Motorcycle Accident – Broken Bones

Even relatively minor motorcycle accidents involve significant force, especially for the motorcyclist, who doesn’t benefit from the same kinds of protection as a motorist. Unfortunately, this means that riders are particularly prone to certain types of injuries, including broken bones. This type of injury requires medical attention, time to heal,… Continue reading Motorcycle Accident – Broken Bones

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Which Bones are More Susceptible to Injury in a Car Accident?

Car accidents can and do cause a wide range of injuries, but broken bones are amongst the most common. Unfortunately, just because they occur at a relatively high rate does not make them any less painful, debilitating, or expensive to treat. It is, however, often possible for car accident victims… Continue reading Which Bones are More Susceptible to Injury in a Car Accident?

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Recovering Compensation for Broken Bones

While the types of injuries that a person sustains in an accident vary greatly depending on the type of accident in question, there are certain kinds of injuries that are more common than others. Broken bones, for instance, are one of the most commonly sustained accident-related injuries. Often, these breaks… Continue reading Recovering Compensation for Broken Bones

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