Can You Receive Compensation for a Botched Root Canal?

Many people shudder at the words “root canal” and for good reason. When a tooth becomes badly infected, your dentist might perform a root canal procedure, which basically consists of removing the pulp and nerve. The tooth is then sealed to prevent further damage. Sadly, many careless dentists botch root canals, leaving patients in considerable pain and in need of a second procedure. Our Miami medical malpractice attorneys can analyze whether your dentist was negligent and whether you qualify for compensation.

Has a Dentist Botched Your Root Canal?

A root canal is a serious procedure, so you can expect to feel some discomfort after having one. Nevertheless, there are certain symptoms that indicate something went dramatically wrong while you were sitting in the dentist’s chair:

  • Extreme pain when drinking hot or cold liquids
  • Swelling in your gums or jaw
  • Numbness in your mouth
  • Infection

Unfortunately, the only way to uncover if something went wrong is to make another trip to the dentist, who will review the work. Negligent dentists hate to admit they performed shoddy work, so you should schedule an appointment with a different dentist, who can look at the root canal with a fresh set of eyes.

Root Canal Mistakes

A dentist should be familiar with the proper procedure for performing a root canal. Nevertheless, some dentists are careless either because of overwork, fatigue, chemical addiction, or financial pressures. Consequently, a dentist might make one of the following errors:

  • Improperly cleaning the inside of the tooth
  • Failing to refill the tooth
  • Drilling too deeply
  • Using a crown that is the wrong size
  • Performing the root canal on the wrong tooth
  • Unnecessarily performing a root canal when other options were available
  • Facilitating infection through improper sterilization of equipment
  • Failing to perform necessary follow up with a patient

Compensation for a Botched Root Canal

When done improperly, a root canal can impede a person’s daily living. You might feel too much pain to eat, drink, or go to work. Someone in intense pain probably cannot sleep well, either. Patients must also shoulder the costs of a corrective root canal to fully fix the problem, which must be added to other economic losses like lost income. In sum, a patient can receive a considerable amount of money to make up for a botched root canal, though the exact amount will depend on the circumstances.

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