medical malpractice

Eye Popping Report on “Chaos” in our Nation’s Pharmacies

The New York Times has published a shocking report on the rise of pharmacy negligence, in particular dispensing the wrong medications to the wrong patients. Pharmacists themselves have complained that these mix-ups are unsurprising given the stress that they are under. Corporate Performance Metrics to Blame As reported in the…

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Florida’s Maternal Mortality Rate Among Worst in the Nation

Increasingly, the media is reporting on the disturbing increase in the maternal mortality rate. Generally, this rate is higher in developing countries but drops the richer a country becomes. However, the U.S. has seen an increase in its maternal mortality rate over the past decade, which is difficult to explain….

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Severe Allergic Reaction to Prescription Drugs

There is a reason that doctors ask about your allergies when you first fill out paperwork. Allergic reactions have been known to cause serious injury and sometimes even death. Prescribing the right drugs requires that doctors and pharmacists be aware of how those drugs will interact with other drugs, along…

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