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Holding Florida Pharmacists Liable For Prescription Mistakes

Pharmacists are licensed medical professionals with specific training in the potential harm if medicines are taken incorrectly. They can be held accountable for monetary damages if their mistakes in dispensing medications and advising customers result in serious injury or death.

At Dolan Dobrinsky Rosenblum Bluestein, LLP in Miami, our attorneys have secured notable settlements and verdicts in actions against pharmacists for the devastating effects of not receiving the right medication in the right dosage. We can represent pharmacy error victims and their families throughout South and Central Florida. Call (305) 371-2692 for a free case evaluation.

Most modern pharmacies have computerized systems for validating the prescription and dose, including known contraindications. A conscientious pharmacist will also double-check with the doctor or hospital if there are any red flags. When pharmacists fail to use these safeguards for patient safety, the results can lead to permanent or life-threatening injury.

Pharmacist Errors

Dolan Dobrinsky Rosenblum Bluestein, LLP investigates to hold Miami pharmacists accountable for their devastating or deadly mistakes, such as:

If the doctor wrote the wrong prescription, but the pharmacist failed to notice an obvious error and check with the physician, the victim may have both a medical malpractice and pharmacy malpractice claim.

Pharmacy Error

In Florida (and elsewhere), only a licensed pharmacist can actually fill prescriptions. We have handled cases in which nonlicensed staff dispensed the wrong medicine, the wrong dose or the wrong label. We also have handled front counter packaging mix-ups in which patients unwittingly suffer injury by taking someone else’s medications. Whether it was your local pharmacy, hospital pharmacy, or you obtained prescriptions by mail or Internet, let us determine if you have a claim.

Malpractice cases commonly go to trial. Our Miami attorneys are accomplished litigators who can skillfully negotiate a fair settlement or aggressively pursue justice before a jury.

Pharmaceutical Liability

Protecting Victims Of Pharmaceutical Liability

People can be harmed by negligence involving medications in two ways. The first is to be given the wrong drug, either because a doctor was negligent in prescribing it or a pharmacist or nurse made an error that led to you taking a drug that wasn’t safe. The second is when the makers of a drug injure you by unleashing an unsafe product onto the market. Pharmaceutical liability generally refers to lawsuits against drug manufacturers.

Dangerous Drugs

Some drugs are unsafe for use by anyone. If you took a drug that had an unlisted or unknown side effect, you are paying the price for a drugmaker’s irresponsibility. If you took a drug that was contaminated, the maker or some other party responsible for handling, transporting or administering the drug may be at fault. As the victim of a dangerous drug, you deserve an experienced and highly skilled attorney on your side. At Dolan Dobrinsky Rosenblum Bluestein, LLP, in Miami, we have earned a reputation for taking on even the most complex cases involving personal injury and medical and pharmaceutical malpractice. We can help you get the compensation you deserve.

Off-Label Uses And Illegal Acts By Drug Manufacturers

Doctors have a qualified right to prescribe drugs for medical conditions other than those the drug was designed to treat. Such “off-label” uses are allowed, but drug manufacturers cannot legally advertise them. In some cases, drugmakers engage in illegal practices to encourage the use of their products in ways not approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Drugmakers are also sometimes guilty of leaving important safety information out of warning labels. Victims don’t learn of the negative side effects until they experience them. Pharmaceutical liability lawsuits can help hold these companies responsible for the harm they do.

Pharmaceutical Liability And Wrongful Death

Sadly, some drugs have deadly consequences. Our lawyers can help you demonstrate how a drug caused the death of your loved one. We can fight for some measure of justice to help prevent similar tragedies in the future and to help you get through this most difficult time.

Call (305) 371-2692 to discuss your case with an experienced lawyer. We offer a no-obligation case evaluation and contingency fee representation. We also can arrange home and hospital visits.

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