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Burn injuries are notoriously painful. Even a seemingly minor burn can cause immense distress for the victim. With more severe burn injuries, the consequences can truly be devastating, potentially requiring multiple medical operations. Serious burn injuries remain far too common in the United States. According to data provided by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), more than one million Americans require professional medical attention for burn injuries each year.   

When a burn is caused by the negligence of another party, the victims deserve full and fair financial compensation for their losses. At Dolan Dobrinsky Rosenblum Bluestein, LLP, our legal team is committed to seeking justice for Florida burn injury victims. We understand these cases and we know how to hold the responsible parties accountable for the damage that they have caused. If you or a family member has suffered a serious burn injury in South Florida, please contact our experienced Miami burn injury attorneys today for immediate assistance with your claim.

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We Handle All Types of Burn Injury Cases

Burn injuries can occur in a wide variety of ways. Regardless of the underlying cause of your burn, you have a legal right to hold the party whose negligence caused the injuries liable for your damages. To do this, you should always work with an attorney who has experience handling cases that are similar to yours. Our South Florida burn injury attorneys handle all types of burn injury claims, including those caused by:

  • Direct contact with an open flame;
  • Scalding by hot liquid, usually involving spills;
  • Contact with hot objects (thermal burns);
  • Electricity;
  • Smoke and smoke inhalation;
  • Defective products; and
  • Contact with dangerous, corrosive chemicals.

Chemical Burns

Chemical burns, unlike standard burns, occur when the skin comes into contact with corrosive chemicals, such as:

  • Sulfuric acid;
  • Silver nitrate;
  • Hydrochloric acid; and
  • Ammonia. 

Many of these chemicals are actually pretty common, as they are used in a variety of consumer products, including cleaners, soaps, and pool chlorination compounds. Unfortunately, coming into contact with these chemicals isn’t always safe, with consumers at risk of suffering burns, numbness, blackened or dead skin, and eye damage. When ingested, these products can even cause seizures, irregular heartbeat, and cardiac arrest. While anyone who comes into contact with these kinds of chemicals could suffer injuries, certain populations are particularly prone to injury, including infants, toddlers, the elderly, and manufacturing plant employees. 

Chemical burn injuries are not as rare as you might think. In 2017, for example, an estimated 275,000 people suffered burns after a phone case that contained glitter in a suspended liquid started leaking. Some sustained burns to the hands, but many suffered injuries and swelling to the face and legs. Last year, two young boys suffered chemical burns to their faces after a teacher used a cleaning sponge to wipe marks off of their skin. Around the same time, a class-action lawsuit was filed against the manufacturers of a hair and beard product that caused users to suffer burns, respiratory problems, and even convulsions. Finally, just last month, a company that sold sodium hydroxide and potassium hydroxide had their products recalled when it was discovered that the bottles were not childproof, which posed a potential risk to children, who could suffer severe burns if they came into contact with the product. Additionally, a few years ago, a nine-year-old boy sustained second-degree chemical burns on his feet when his light-up sneakers began leaking acid. 

While manufacturers are required to use a certain degree of care in designing and assembling their products, many do not fulfill this responsibility, leaving consumers at risk of serious injuries like chemical burns. Fortunately, it is possible to hold companies responsible for this kind of negligence, so if you or a loved one sustained chemical burns or were otherwise injured by a defective consumer product, you should consider retaining an experienced Florida burn injury lawyer who can help you file a claim. 

How to Prove Liability in Florida Burn Injury Claim

All Florida personal injury cases, including burn injury claims, are governed by the state’s comparative fault standard. This rule can be found under Chapter 768.81 of the Florida state statutes. Under this law, victims can hold a party responsible for their burn injury only if they can prove that the defendant’s negligence, in some manner, contributed to their accident.

What is Negligence?

In simplified terms, negligence is defined as the failure to take due care within the context of a given set of circumstances. Put another way, if a defendant did something unsafe or careless, and you suffered a burn injury as a direct result, you can hold that party liable for your losses. To prove negligence in Florida, your Miami burn injury lawyer will need to prove each of the four required legal elements. More specifically, your lawyer must prove:

  • The extent of the duty of care that was owed to you by the defendant;
  • That the defendant’s actions or inactions constituted a breach of that duty;
  • That there was causation between the breach of duty and your burn injury; and
  • That you sustained real damages as a result of your burn.

Liability Can Be Split Between Multiple Parties

In some burn injury cases, two or more parties may share financial responsibility for a victim’s damages. Indeed, in some cases, the victim may even be held partially at fault for their own burn injury. This is possible because Florida is a comparative negligence jurisdiction. As such, liability is always divided in direct proportion to each party’s percentage of fault for an accident. Sadly, the big insurance companies often try to push some amount of the blame onto burn injury victims. They do this to lessen their own financial liability. Please do not let this happen to you: Work with an experienced Miami personal injury lawyer who can protect you from an unjust share of the fault. 

Miami Burn Injury Victims Deserve Fair Compensation

Once you have established legal liability, a burn injury case moves to damages. Under Florida law, burn victims are entitled to compensation that is equivalent in value to the value of their losses. This includes both direct monetary losses, as well as any intangible losses. However, unfortunately, for many reasons, full compensation can often be difficult to obtain. Burn injury cases are complex. To maximize recovery, victims need to know how to deal with the big insurance companies and how to properly document their damages. Our experienced Miami burn injury lawyers can help. We will help you seek financial relief for: 

  • Ambulance costs;
  • Emergency room fees;
  • Surgery costs;
  • Other medical bills;
  • Physical therapy costs;
  • Long-term disability;
  • Lost income;
  • Pain and suffering;
  • Mental distress;
  • Burn-related disfigurement; and
  • Any temporary or permanent scarring.

You Can Always Afford Our Top-Rated Burn Injury Lawyers

Many Florida burn injury victims worry that they will not be able to afford a good lawyer. This is an understandable concern. After all, popular culture paints lawyers as highly expensive. Yet, the truth is quite the opposite. With our firm, there are no out-of-pocket costs or upfront fees for our clients. Further, if we do not help you recover financial compensation, then we do not get paid at all. This is because we take all burn injury claims on a contingency fee basis. Our legal fees come directly out of your settlement offer or court judgment. We only get paid when we recover money for you.

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