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Insurance Claims


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Lawyers For Miami Homeowners Insurance Claims

If you have filed a claim under your homeowners insurance policy and are dissatisfied with the result, our insurance claims attorneys in Miami may be able to help.

At Dolan Dobrinsky Rosenblum Bluestein, LLP in Miami, we understand that your home is your castle. It provides you with independence, security, and a place where family can gather and relax. Additionally, statistics show that buying your home will likely be the biggest investment you ever make. With that said, it is very likely you decided to protect your home from unexpected damage by purchasing a homeowners insurance policy.

A homeowners insurance policy is a contract that imparts certain rights and obligations on both insured and insurer. In short, insurance contracts generally obligate the homeowner to pay a premium, and obligate the insurance company to pay the homeowner the cost of repair or replacement if the home or its contents are damaged. It is important to remember that most insurance policies place limits on the amount of time the policy remains in effect, the type of damaging events that are covered, and the parts of the home that are covered.

Was Your Homeowners Insurance Claim Wrongfully Denied Or Underpaid?

Sometimes, disputes arise between policyholders and their homeowners insurance companies; as to whether a claim is covered or not, or as to how much should be paid for the claim. If you find yourself in either of these scenarios, it may be time to contact an insurance attorney. While the terms of homeowners insurance policies vary widely, many homeowners insurance policies provide coverage for damage caused by:

  • Hurricanes or windstorms;
  • Fires;
  • Burst pipes, leaks and water;
  • Collapses;
  • Theft;
  • Vandalism;
  • Sinkholes;
  • Dropped objects; and
  • Mold.

When your home is damaged, you want to repair the damage as soon as possible so that you can move on with your busy life. In most cases, when you file an insurance claim, you’ve already endured a terrible event like a hurricane or fire, and your hope is that your insurance company will quickly and properly provide the relief and support provided for by your policy. Unfortunately, this does not always happen.

If you have already filed a claim, there are important things you should know. The claim adjustment process can be daunting, confusing and overwhelming. If you find yourself faced with requests and demands from the insurance company, it can be difficult to know how to fully cooperate while still protecting your interests. Receiving what you feel to be an underpayment or improper denial of your claim can be even more distressing. Don’t give up, we can help.

Our Insurance Claims Attorneys in Miami Can Help

Our attorneys are ready to help you with your underpaid, improperly denied or otherwise mishandled claim. At Dolan Dobrinsky Rosenblum Bluestein, LLP, we know how to deal with insurance companies because we used to represent them. Now, we fight exclusively for policyholders throughout South and Central Florida in insurance disputes, and aggressively pursue our clients’ claims and lawsuits. If you would like to speak with an experienced insurance attorney at the firm, call us at 305-371-2692, or send us a message right now via our online contact form.

Trusting Words From Our Clients

“I have used Manuel Dobrinsky and he is more than excellent. Great communication. More than effective. It was a fantastic support for me having him during my process. Also I can say the best lawyer I ever had.”

J. Cordero

“I was not able to get anyone on the west coast of Florida to look at my case. Manny Dobrinsky took my case and won a settlement for me. He was very thorough and worked hard for me. His assistant Dameris was always there to help me and answer my questions. I was very pleased with this group.”

Susan Curtis

“What an amazing team! Always stay in contact with you and settled my case quick!”

C. Gonzalez

“I endorse this lawyer's work. Manny is one of the brightest trial attorneys that I know. He is an incredibly hard worker and always strives to achieve the best results for his clients. He excels in the Courtroom as well. I would recommend him without reservation.”

A. Weinstein

“The very best there is! Great, talented lawyers, considerate, your best at heart, true human beings.”

Y. Garcia

“Have had and currently have many cases shared with this firm as a plaintiffs’ attorney and find them to have the highest legal and ethical competence in their field of practice.”

A. Parvey

“I have worked with this law firm for many years. They are among the best attorneys I know.”

J. Kushner


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