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Boca Raton Truck Accident Lawyer

More than $1 Billion Won for Injured Clients

trucking accident in Boca Raton, FL

Boca Raton residents see large trucks every day, whether racing along Interstate 95 or pulling downtown to make deliveries. These trucks and heavy vehicles might be vital to the economy of Boca Raton, but they cause serious damage and devastating injuries whenever they run into lighter vehicles. If you were struck by a commercial truck, you face daunting challenges ahead. You can start by filing a personal injury lawsuit with a Boca Raton truck accident lawyer.

Dolan Dobrinsky Rosenblum Bluestein, LLP, is a leading personal injury law firm helping those injured in a Boca Raton truck accident and filing truck accident lawsuits. If you were struck by a large truck, please call our law firm. Florida law gives you important rights to financial compensation for your injuries, but the negotiation process is challenging. A Boca Raton truck accident lawyer at our firm will meet for a free consultation to answer your questions regarding your truck accident case.

What You Are Facing

truck on its side from a trucking accident

Boca Raton truck accidents are scary. The days and weeks following your truck accident can be just as scary. Here’s what you face when trying to obtain a fair settlement with your Boca Raton truck accident lawyer:

  • The truck driver and trucking company will immediately build a case against you within hours of the accident. Really—the trucking company will send investigators to the scene to begin compiling evidence while you’re being loaded into an ambulance.
  • Insurance adjusters will bury you with forms and other paperwork when all you need to do is focus on rest and recovery.
  • Painful injuries will limit your ability to work and earn income, adding to your family’s financial stress to pay any medical bills.
  • The trucking company will offer a measly settlement which is not nearly as much as you deserve, and they’ll claim this is all you deserve, even though the auto accident was caused by their negligent truck driver.
  • Defendants will deny liability and force you to file a lawsuit in court to obtain justice.

You are not in this serious injury fight alone. A truck accident lawyer at our law office at Dolan Dobrinsky Rosenblum Bluestein (DDRB) is standing by to help you navigate the personal injury claims process.

What the Statistics Tell Us

accident victims speaking with firemen after a truck accident involved with commercial trucks

Truck accidents are common in Boca Raton, Florida and in other areas of Florida. The most recent truck accident statistics tell us:

  • In 2021, 28 drivers suffered fatal injuries in truck collisions, and 124 drivers suffered incapacitating injuries in Florida. (Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles)
  • That same year, Florida had two fatalities for passengers involved in truck accidents, with an additional 24 incapacitating injuries.
  • Fatal accidents are surging around the country, according to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. Fatal accidents jumped 18% in 2021 compared to 2020.
  • The number of trucks involved in nonfatal injuries jumped 11% in 2021 compared to 2020.
  • Across the nation, 26% of all fatal crashes occur on highways.

Common Truck Accidents in Boca Raton

accident caused by a commercial truck with a car

Our Boca Raton truck accident clients are hurt in different types of trucking accidents:

  • Rollovers. A big truck can roll onto its side when making a turn at high speeds or after weight shifts in the truck unexpectedly. A rollover can completely crush a smaller vehicle nearby, causing devastating (and often fatal) injuries.
  • Overrides. A truck can ride onto and possibly over a smaller vehicle caught in its way. We see overrides on the highway when trucks don’t slow down for construction zones, as well as at intersections. Large blind spots make overrides more common than they should be.
  • Underrides. A smaller vehicle can slip under the side or back of a tractor-trailer, which sits up off the ground. This type of accident often causes serious head injuries.
  • Drunk driving accidents. Too many truckers either drink on the job or do illegal drugs. They can drive erratically, run red lights, and cause devastating accidents as a result. The industry is fighting rampant drug use, but too many impaired motorists end up on the road.
  • Jackknife accidents. A tractor-trailer can fold into itself, often because of sudden shifts in the weight or poor traction. A trailer can swing out and mow down vehicles in adjacent lanes.
  • Distracted driving accidents. The federal government prohibits the use of certain handheld devices while a trucker is in motion. Still, distracted driving is a huge problem for the industry.

Can You Receive Compensation?

money and a gavel for receiving personal injury compensation from trucking accidents

Florida truck accidents leave severe injuries and many victims unable to leave their homes. You could suffer massive financial losses because of the crash, including loss of income. To obtain compensation, you need to prove the four elements of negligence:

1.       Duty. We must show the defendant owed you a duty of care. This element is often easy to show. A trucker owes a duty to other motorists to drive commercial trucks safely. Trucking companies owe a duty to other drivers and the public to properly hire and supervise their truckers, as well as put only safe trucks on the road.

2.       Breach. We must show the defendant failed to fulfill their duty, which is called a breach. A trucker who uses a cell phone is careless, as is a trucking company that refused to properly drug test their truck drivers and employees.

3.       Causation. Any damage you suffered must be caused by the defendant and not solely your own negligence. In a collision between multiple vehicles, this element is easy to prove because we can see the damage to other vehicles and your vehicle.

4.       Damages. We must prove you suffered legally recognized losses, called damages. Bodily injuries that require serious medical treatment or care, lost income, and car or property damage are examples of damages.

Boca Raton truck accident attorneys at DDRB use all sorts of evidence to establish your negligence claim. Contact us as soon as possible so we can begin collecting evidence.

Who We Sue on Your Behalf

We have had great success bringing legal claims against:

  • Truckers
  • Trucking companies
  • Loading companies
  • Truck manufacturers
  • Mechanic shops

The defendant will depend on the facts of the case. In some situations, we might sue multiple people and truck drivers. For example, a truck crash where a negligent trucker could have taken a corner too fast, but the freight was improperly secured in the trailer. We might sue both the trucker and the freight company, along with the trucker’s employer from the trucking industry.

Average Settlement for Boca Raton Truck Accidents

To determine medical costs and how much compensation you are entitled to, please share the following documents with your truck accident attorney:

  • Medical bills and receipts. Hang onto all doctor’s bills, prescription drug receipts, and insurance statements. Our lawyers use these documents to prove the cost of your medical care.
  • Pay stubs. If you are a full- or part-time employee, you can receive lost wages when your injuries keep you out of work.
  • 1099 forms. Independent contractors can also receive lost income, even if you are self-employed or doing gig work. We need to prove how much you would have made, so share documentation like 1099 forms or contracts.
  • Auto accident bills or estimates. Our truck accident lawyer can seek compensation to fix your car or truck damaged in the collision caused by negligent truck drivers.

We also will seek financial compensation for your emotional pain and suffering from the truck accident. This type of loss is harder to prove, but you can still help our truck accident lawyer document how the truck accident has changed your life:

  • Hold onto prescription drug bottles for antidepressants, anti-anxiety medication, and pain medication. This evidence shows the extent of physical pain and emotional anguish from the truck accident.
  • Ask your friends and family to speak with your DDRB lawyer about how the accident has affected you.
  • Create a diary or journal where you write down how you feel each day, focusing on where you feel pain and its intensity. Also note your mood each day.

Are Truck Accidents Like Car Accidents?

Believe it or not, they are very different. Both wrecks are analyzed according to same level of fault, but they have some key differences:

  • Truck accidents cause more serious injuries. And the more serious injuries, the more compensation is available. For this reason, defendants usually fight more aggressively to defeat claims.
  • Truck accidents have more possible defendants. It takes more time to reconstruct what happened to identify the right defendants to sue.
  • Truck accidents have different types of evidence available to use. Although some evidence is the same (like witnesses), trucks also have electronic data recorders and other evidence on the truck. A trucker’s employment records might also be relevant.
  • Trucking companies begin building claims quickly. In the typical car accident, there are only two drivers and their insurers. But trucking companies are heavily involved in truck accident cases. They have huge investigatory teams at their disposal.

You deserve an experienced lawyer to manage your case. At DDRB, we have sat across from the largest trucking companies in the nation, as well as the powerful law firms who defend them. We know the trucking industry and how to build a case to receive favorable compensation following a crash.

Changes to Florida Law Can Impact Your Case

One recent change affects the amount of time you have to file a lawsuit. Florida’s legislature amended the statute of limitations, shortening the amount of time from 4 years to 2 years for negligence actions. You need to meet with an attorney promptly so you file a lawsuit before the deadline. Go over, and you lose the ability to sue the defendant in court.

Another change affects comparative negligence rules. Previously, you could sue a truck driver even if you were more than 50% responsible for the truck accident. The changes have created a 50% threshold. If you are more at fault for the crash, you lose the ability to sue for the trucking accident.

Call Us to Speak with a Boca Raton Truck Accident Lawyer

Our Boca Raton truck accident lawyers have obtained countless favorable settlements on behalf of our Boca Raton truck accident clients. You deserve the best legal representation around for your Boca Raton truck accident case. Contact our Boca Raton truck accident lawyer at Dolan Dobrinsky Rosenblum Bluestein, LLP, today to schedule a time to meet regarding your truck accident.

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