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What Kinds of Expert Testimony Do I Need to File a Car Accident Lawsuit?

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Building a car accident case isn’t always a straightforward process, but often requires that accident victims obtain a wide range of evidence to establish liability and damages. This could include everything from cell phone records and security camera footage to photos of the accident scene and eyewitness statements. In particularly complicated cases, however, it may be necessary to bring in qualified specialists who can provide an expert opinion regarding the cause or result of a car accident if a case goes to trial. The testimony of these experts could end up being critical to the success of a plaintiff’s case. 

Medical Specialists 

Before a car accident victim can recover damages from the person responsible for causing a crash, he or she must provide proof of an injury. In some cases, providing medical records is enough to satisfy this burden. In other cases, however, it may also be necessary to bring in various medical specialists who can testify as to an injured party’s diagnosis, treatment, recovery, and physical limitations. The kinds of experts that will be called in will also depend on the type of injury. For instance, someone who suffered a spinal cord injury would likely need to seek the help of neurosurgeons and orthopedic doctors to explain the severity of the injury and how it will affect the victim’s day-to-day life going forward. 

Accident Reconstruction Specialists

Even accident victims who can establish that they were injured in an accident will still need to prove who was responsible for the crash in the first place. To this end, many injured parties hire accident reconstruction specialists, who use evidence from the accident scene to determine exactly what took place in the moments leading up to and during a crash. Photos from the accident scene, road markings, and surveillance camera footage can all be used by specialists to reconstruct the accident. 

Economic Specialists 

Car accident victims who suffer severe injuries will most likely have to take time off from work while they recuperate and in some cases, may have to accept a lower paying job or stop working entirely. Fortunately, injured parties who can establish that someone else was at fault for a crash can recover compensation not only for their medical expenses, but also for their lost wages and benefits. Economists can help injured parties estimate the value of these losses. Without this kind of evidence, accident victims would have a much harder time recovering damages via a jury award.

Vocational Experts 

Vocational experts can explain to a jury how an injury affects a victim’s ability to work in a specific industry. Their testimony can shed light not only on the challenges the victim will face, but can evaluate the injured party’s education, experience, and projected career trajectory, all of which can give the court a better understanding of how an injury affected a victim’s employability in his or her industry. Establishing these numbers is critical to ensuring that an injured party recovers compensation not only for his or her past lost wages, but also any future loss of income and benefits. 

Mental Health Experts 

Even car accident victims who are able to fully recover from their physical injuries could still suffer from emotional and mental distress. This is especially true for those who witnessed a loved one’s severe injury or death in a crash. A mental health expert can discuss how a particular collision impacted a victim’s emotional and mental well-being and general quality of life. 

Engineering Specialists 

When a crash can be attributed to a defect in road design or construction, an injured party may need the help of an engineering expert, who can testify as to the problems with a particular roadway and how they contributed to a crash. In other cases, an engineering specialist could explain how a vehicle was defective and how that defect caused an accident or worsened a victim’s injuries. 

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