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What Are the Pedestrian Laws in Miami?

A recent pedestrian accident in Miami is a timely reminder that motorists must exercise caution when driving. Pedestrians have rights, too, and failing to observe the law can get a motorist in hot water.

According to Local 10, the accident occurred in April 2019 when a mother pushing a stroller was struck in the cross walk in the Overton neighborhood. Based on police reports, the woman was struck a little after 7:00 pm at Miami Court and Northeast 15th Street. The driver stayed at the scene to talk to the police.

Fortunately, neither mother nor child suffered a serious injury, but things could have been a disaster. To help protect pedestrians, we identify some of the most important laws related to those travelling on foot.

Pedestrians Must Use the Sidewalk

If there is a sidewalk, pedestrians cannot walk on the road but instead must use the sidewalk. This law is provided for in Florida Statute § 316.130.

If there is no sidewalk, then a pedestrian can walk on the shoulder of the road but must do so on the left-hand side. In other words, they should walk while facing traffic.

Traffic Must Yield to Pedestrians in Marked Crosswalks

This is a big one that many motorists simply do not understand. Drivers, including cyclists, must yield to a pedestrian who is crossing in a marked crosswalk. However, if the pedestrian crosses somewhere other than in a crosswalk, then the pedestrian must yield to all vehicles.

Pedestrians Must Obey Traffic Signals

Although the law gives a pedestrian the right of way, pedestrians must still follow all traffic signals, including lights or signs telling them when they can safely cross a street. A pedestrian that has a green light to cross still must look both ways and make sure that it is safe to do so before plunging into the crosswalk.

All of these rules make sense. They instruct pedestrians to be careful and to observe the laws regarding crossing the street. At the same time, the laws prohibit motorists from plowing into the crosswalk whenever they feel like it.

Injured in a Crosswalk? Contact a Miami Pedestrian Accident Lawyer Today

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