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Understanding Why Medication Errors Occur

When you see a doctor for an injury or when suffering from a certain condition, they may prescribe you medication to treat it, or to simply alleviate the pain you are experiencing. You have the right to know that the doctor has prescribed you the appropriate type of medication, and that the dose is correct. Sadly, this does not always happen. 

Medication errors occur all too often in Miami and when they do, it is a form of medical negligence, or medical malpractice. If you or someone you love has suffered harm as a result of this type of mistake, a Miami medical malpractice lawyer can help you recover the damages you deserve.

Common Types of Medication Errors

For many people, the idea of medication errors is unthinkable. However, this type of medical malpractice is more common than most people think. The most common types of medication errors include:

  • Incorrect Prescriptions: Patients that are not prescribed the right medication can suffer devastating results. The medication will fail to treat the condition the patient is suffering from, and these medicines can have unpleasant side effects as well that may even make the condition worse.
  • Inaccurate Dosage: In some cases, patients are prescribed the right type of medicine, but the incorrect dosage. If the dose is too small, the medication will not help the patient. If the dose is too large, it could be fatal or have other harmful side effects.
  • Pharmaceutical Mistakes: Doctors are not always to blame for medication errors. Sometimes, a doctor will prescribe the right medicine and the right dosage, but the pharmacy will make an error.
  • Labelling Mistakes: This type of medication error also occurs at a pharmacy. Medication labels contain a lot of important information, including the dosage and the type of medicine. When these labels do not contain the right information, it can result in very serious injuries.

The above errors should never happen. Unfortunately, they are quite common and they occur for a number of different reasons.

Why do Medication Errors Occur?

A variety of factors can result in a medication error. The most common reasons for them include:

  • Miscommunication;
  • Illegible handwriting;
  • System mistakes;
  • Outdated safety measures;
  • Understaffed pharmacies; and
  • Mislabeled medication bottles.

The above are just a few examples of the types of negligence that can result in a medication error. However, none of them are acceptable and medication errors are always preventable. Doctors, pharmacists, and even nurses and other healthcare staff members may be responsible for a medication error and when they are, it is important to hold them liable for paying damages.

Hurt by a Medication Error? Our Medical Malpractice Lawyer in Miami Can Help

If you have suffered harm as a result of a medication error, our Miami medical malpractice lawyer at Dolan Dobrinsky Rosenblum Bluestein, LLP can advise on your case. We know the seriousness of medication errors, and the devastating impact on patients when they occur. Call us today at 305-371-2692 or contact us online to schedule a free consultation and to obtain the sound legal advice you need.