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Theme park safety and accidents

Each year, thousands of people flock to Florida to visit some of the world’s most popular theme parks. With attractions like roller coasters, carousels and other exciting rides, many amusement park guests do not take into consideration the potential hazards that could hurt them. Although theme park accidents statistics are scarce, reports that amusement park rides are the reason 4,400 children are injured each year. Information on the annual number of deaths that occur from theme park rides is currently not available.

Here is a brief overview of theme park rides and safety concerns.

Children are often the victims

Children are more at risk for theme park accidents than adults. They are smaller, are unable to recognize potential hazards and may not be capable of making split second decisions that can help them to avoid accidents. According to, the federal government does not regulate theme park safety. Even though Florida has its own laws regarding amusement park inspections and safety, some parks are exempt.

Statistics can increase awareness

The lack of current statistics can make it hard for guests to know what hazards to look for when they go to these establishments to have fun. However, amusement park visitors can still take action to improve their safety. Slips and falls are very common at amusement parks. They should watch for walkway obstructions and slippery surfaces.  They should also double check the safety restraints on their rides to avoid falling off them. Common causes of ride-related injuries are ride malfunctions and ride operator inexperience.

Amusement parks are filled with fun and exciting activities and rides for people to enjoy. But they are also full of hazards. Amusement park owners should inspect and test their rides regularly and provide ongoing training for their workers to improve guest safety and prevent accidents. Guests should pay attention to their surroundings and ride choices to avoid hazardous conditions.