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The Basics about Motor Vehicle Accident Claims

Many first-time victims of car accidents wrongfully assume that filing for an injury claim will result in a fair settlement. The truth is that every case is different and it can take months, even years, before a final verdict is reached in court. The process isn’t as straightforward as you might think, and being unaware of how the legal process works in regard to motor vehicle accidents will not help your chances of obtaining a full and fair settlement.

MVA Claims are Complex

There are no federal or state laws that guarantee compensation for injured car accident victims, even if you are completely innocent. You will need ample evidence and a skilled lawyer to represent you, especially if your case goes to trial. Fighting your claim without a professional attorney is bound to result in less than favorable outcomes. Anything you say in court could be interpreted differently in legal language.

Obstacles may arise if either party is not insured, the injuries are perceived as superficial, or the insurance company rejects your claim. An experienced personal injury attorney will be able to effectively negotiate with negligent parties and insurance companies and navigate the curveballs that inevitably arise during the claims process.

Insurance Companies are Not Your Friend

If you think your insurance company will always have your back and will look out for you during times of turmoil, you are likely wrong. Contrary to what their commercials depict, insurance companies only have one objective, which is to earn money. They don’t care much about your wellbeing and will always strive to invalidate or reduce payouts. It’s how they keep their shareholders happy.

When insurance companies offer a quick settlement, it is often too low and insufficient to cover the pertinent damages. It is your legal right to negotiate a full and fair settlement for all past, current and future damages you have sustained.

Gathering Evidence & Witnesses

When auto accidents happen, typically what happens is the police arrive on the scene and make a report in accordance to their judgment and witness statements. However, police reports are not enough to prove who is at fault and who is not. While they are certainly taken into account, surveillance videos, accident photos, and genuine witnesses in court can help build a strong case.

Every once in a while, weather, traffic, and road conditions are also taken into account. Severe accidents may require deeper investigation, and rear-end accidents are not always pinned on the car behind. In nearly all motor vehicle accident cases, there are a lot of moving parts and all need to be taken into account with regard to your claim.

A Personal Injury Lawyer is Always Affordable

Many assume that hiring a car accident lawyer like Pacific Attorney Group is costly and will cost more than what they receive in the end. The truth is that most personal injury law firms do not charge upfront for handling auto accident cases. Their fee is almost always a percentage of the insurance settlement or compensation award granted by court. So if they don’t settle or win your case, then they don’t get paid.

Patience is Key

We all want things to speed up when times get rough. We’re anxious for recovery during desperate times. With car accident claims, the duration of the ongoing case is directly proportional to severity of the injury. If your injury is very serious, such as a bone fracture, TBI, loss of limb, loss of fetus, or a permanent disability, then resolving your claim can take a long time. This is because your medical treatment will be long term, and your healing process will be taken into account when determining your total damages. Your attorney will work closely with medical professionals to properly calculate your medical expenses.

The law allows Insurance companies to fully investigate the matter and communicate with all parties involved in the accident. The court allots them a specific time frame to resolve the claim. Reputable insurance companies often resolve legal disputes within the time limit, but smaller companies may ask for an extension. If the insurance providers reject your claim, it will take even longer to achieve compensation.

If you’ve been injured in a car accident in Miami, FL, first get medical help immediately. Then, contact us to find out how we can help you.