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Target Recalls Defective Children’s Clothing

Few people think that children’s clothing is inherently dangerous. However, two recent recalls highlight a continuing problem with children’s clothing: buttons and other pieces can fall off the clothing, which a child can swallow and choke on. Other pieces, including snaps, can cut or pinch a child.

These hazards are very real, and manufacturers often receive dozens of complaints before issuing a recall. Concerned parents should stop using dangerous items and watch the Consumer Product Safety Recall website for the most recent information. If your child has been hurt, contact a Miami personal injury lawyer at Dolan Dobrinsky Rosenblum Bluestein today.

Target Recalls Child Swimsuits

The first recall was the Cat & Jack Infant One-Piece Rashguard Swimsuits sold by Target. The suit has snaps which can detach or break off. A child could get a snap into his mouth and swallow it. Even worse, the snaps could cut your child, so they pose an additional laceration hazard.

Target sold around 181,000 units between December 2019 and October 2020. Alarmingly, the company received over 25 reports of the snaps breaking and one child sustained a cut. The recall covers the swimsuits in sizes 12M to 47 and the colors “Coral Icon Story Hawaiian,” “Moxie Peach Lemon,” and “Summer Blue Lemon.”

Consumers should return to Target with the item for a refund. If you bought it online, will issue a prepaid label so you can send it back, or you might be able to return at the nearest store.

Cloud Infant Ropers Also Pose a Choking Hazard

The snaps on these rompers can also detach or break, posing similar choking and laceration hazards. Additionally, the snaps could pinch your child. The rompers were sold in sizes up to 12M. The company issued the recall after receiving 16 reports of the snaps breaking, with two children being injured in these incidents.

These were popular rompers, with almost 300,000 items sold by Target from July 2019 to October 2020. Consumers are encouraged to take the rompers to Target for a full refund or contact if they made an online purchase.

We Can Help

The federal government closely regulates the sale of children’s clothing, but dangerous products sneak through regularly. Other items might pose a fire hazard if they do not meet safety guidelines. Any injury to your child is serious. To check whether you have a legal claim, please contact us today by calling 305-371-2692. Our consultations are free.