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Slip and falls – how can I protect my tenants?

You own an apartment complex in Miami-Dade and you have been diligent in making all repairs and handling tenant concerns in a timely manner. Unfortunately, one of your tenants slipped and fell in a common hallway and now you find yourself wondering – how can I protect my tenants from slip-and-fall accidents on my property?

According to Rent Prep, “many slip and fall accidents that occur in rental properties are preventable.” To prevent these kinds of events from occurring on your property and to alleviate the chances of you being held liable, you should work towards minimizing the hidden dangers of your building. You should also document all inspections, maintenance and incidents that occur on your property in detail for your records.

Floors that have different textures, entryways, stairs and uneven surfaces are hazardous to everyone, not just your tenants. Your floors should be inspected and serviced periodically to ensure no deficiencies are present. All floor surfaces should be maintained to ensure they are even, moisture-free and properly illuminated to prevent trips and falls. All floors and carpets should be properly installed to ensure safe footing for all building guests. You should educate all of your workers about the proper safety protocols to follow when hazards are present. Safety signs and equipment should be used to inform tenants and guests of any threats that exist to their safety so they can take measures to avoid them.

Take the necessary steps now to fortify your apartment building so that your tenants are safe from slip-and-fall accidents. These situations are not always avoidable, but the chances of them occurring can be reduced.