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Rise in Truck Wreck Fatalities Prompts New Board Certification for Attorneys

Truck accidents are some of the most serious collisions that happen on Florida’s roads. Many innocent victims are crunched and killed when they collide with a big rig. These types of accidents also seem to be on the rise, after years of declines. For example, 2017 saw a 9% increase in the number of truck accident fatalities.

Now, injured victims can be sure that they get a lawyer with sufficient knowledge of the trucking industry. Truck accident cases are not the same as regular collisions involving 2 or more passenger sedans. These cases have unique evidentiary challenges, and experienced truck accident attorneys can make the difference between obtaining maximum compensation and walking away empty-handed.

What is the Certification?

To represent clients in Florida, an attorney must pass the bar exam and a character-and-fitness review. However, some attorneys want to specialize in certain areas of law and want to make the public aware of that fact. Board certification allows them to do that.

To receive certification for truck accident law, an attorney will need to pass 2 three-hour tests in a day. The test will measure a lawyer’s knowledge of how to bring a truck accident case, as well as knowledge about ethics and evidence.

Lawyers also must show that they have adequate experience to earn the credential. The more truck accident cases a lawyer has handled, the better.

How Are Truck Accidents Different from Other Crashes?

With a truck accident, many more defendants might have contributed to the crash. For example, trucking companies have detailed obligations they must meet when they hire a truck driver. A driver must undergo a medical exam and drug/alcohol screening. Some companies cut corners and don’t adequately test their drivers, who go out and collide with innocent victims while high or intoxicated.

A truck accident lawyer will closely analyze whether the trucking company bears some responsibility for the accident. If so, then our clients can often receive much more in compensation. This is just one of the ways that truck accidents differ from other collisions on the road.

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If you have been involved in a truck accident, you are probably struggling to recover from your injuries. We can help. Trucking companies have high-powered law firms in their corner, and you need one in yours.

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