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Ophthalmologist Surgical Errors Can Lead to Irreparable Damage or Blindness

The human eye is unique. Unlike other parts of the body, human eye tissue cannot regenerate, so any damage is very likely to be permanent. Unfortunately, ophthalmologists make errors just like other medical professionals, but the results can be particularly catastrophic. If you or a loved one has been injured after a trip to the eye doctor, you should call us today to better understand your legal options.

Cataract Surgery Complications

One of the biggest mistakes an eye doctor can make during cataract surgery is to withdraw the probe or the irrigation/aspiration handpiece too abruptly. As a result, the anterior chamber of the eye is depressurized, which allows the vitreous to prolapse. Patients can suffer total blindness as a result.

LASIK Surgery Errors

Patients typically have LASIK surgery to address near or farsightedness or other refractive errors. A laser is inserted into the cornea and used to reshape the eye so that light reflects properly on the retina. Unfortunately, many things can go wrong:

  • Epithelial growth: the doctor might introduce cells into the eye which then grow on the cornea and cloud vision
  • Flap dislocation: the incision made to insert the laser weakens the cornea and, in some patients, never heals
  • Corneal ectasia: the cornea begins to bulge because it has become thinner or because collagen support bands were cut when the laser was inserted
  • Pain
  • Retinal detachment
  • Blindness

Surgeons can also be negligent if they recommend LASIK surgery to someone who has contraindications that make the process not advisable. In that situation, no one should be surprised if there are complications from surgery.

Failure to Properly Address Complications that Arise

Surgery often results in complications which, if addressed promptly and properly, might not result in damage. For example, the eye can become infected during surgery, and patients might require a strong regimen of antibiotics. However, if a doctor fails to properly diagnose the problem or delays diagnosis, then the patient can suffer permanent injury, which the doctor is also accountable for.

Hold Ophthalmologists Accountable for Medical Mistakes

Dolan Dobrinsky Rosenblum Bluestein has helped many injured medical patients hold professionals responsible for careless mistakes made in the operating room. We have helped clients obtain the money necessary to cover medical expenses, including the costs of corrective surgery, and money for pain and suffering.

Contact us today, 305-371-2692. We offer a free initial consultation where you can meet with one of our Miami medical malpractice attorneys.