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How to Walk Defensively in Miami

Each year, Florida ranks among the worst states in the country for pedestrian deaths. News reports are filled with the grisly stories of pedestrians cut down by motorists, such as the taxi cab that crashed into a pedestrian in Miami Beach in December.

Fortunately, the city of Miami is aware of the dangers pedestrians face, particularly in a metropolis as congested as ours is. To that end, the city recommends that pedestrians follow these “defensive walking” tips so that they reach their destinations safe and sound.

Avoid Jaywalking

Crossing at the crosswalk does not guarantee that you will not get hit. Some motorists will run a red light or turn on red without checking whether pedestrians have entered. However, consistent use of the crosswalks is key to safety. And jaywalking is absolutely prohibited.

When pedestrians jaywalk, they surprise even careful motorists who do not expect a pedestrian to be in the road. It is very easy to be struck by a speeding vehicle in those situations.

Stay Alert

Even if you are in a crosswalk with a signal telling you to go, you should still remain alert. A motorist could be speeding toward you. Always double check before crossing and avoid walking with headphones on, which will block out important audio clues that vehicles are approaching.

Choose a Safe Route

If you regularly walk in the city, you should find the route that takes you to your destination safely. Try to avoid areas that are seeing heavy road work, since signs might be down. Also, look for areas where the crosswalks are highly visible.

If you are new to Miami or are only visiting, then it can be difficult to figure out the safest route. Try to stick with larger groups of people, since they are harder for drivers to miss.

Keep Children in Hand

Children can easily be injured when they rush into an intersection or even the road. Unfortunately, this is often a possibility with a young child. Always hold your child’s hand while walking and carry small children who are light enough to be held.

Were You Injured in a Pedestrian Accident? We Can Help

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