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How Medical Device Manufacturers Respond to Defective Products

Defective medical devices cause thousands of injuries each year. When a product is defective, it cannot work as expected, thus depriving the patient of its expected benefit. Furthermore, defective products sometimes end up causing even more damage to patients.

If you have been injured by a defective product, you probably imagine that manufacturers will quickly issue a recall so that it is removed from the market. After all, the more people who use the product, the more who will be innocently injured, so manufacturers should do everything possible to get it out of the stream of commerce. However, a recent research report has shown that the opposite happens.

Manufacturers Rely on Doctors

A study released by Indiana University in August shows that medical device firms usually rely on physicians to screen out defective devices instead of issuing a recall. Firms hesitate to issue recalls until they understand precisely what is wrong with the device. At that point, they will issue a recall, a practice that in theory is supposed to save manufacturers money.

Delaying a recall until a manufacturer understands a defect is not required by the FDA. Instead, managers seem to prefer this method because it potentially will impact their careers less and cost the manufacturer less money. A recall also harm’s a firm’s reputation with doctors and the public.

Unnecessary Patient Risks?

Although it might save firms money, delaying a recall puts patient safety at risk. For one thing, not all doctors will recognize a defect and screen out the defective product. Instead, doctors might simply use the defective product with a patient, leading to injury.

Also, doctors might feel pressure from patients to do something. A defective device might be the only current treatment option available, in which case a doctor might hope for the best and use the device simply to please the patient.

Finally, doctors might not bring defects to the attention of patients. A recall, by contrast, would be harder to avoid. By issuing a recall, anyone researching the device could find out about the potential defects. Also, doctors would be on notice not to use the product.

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