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Hotel security and crime

Hotels are popular accommodations for tourists to stay in during their travels. However, many hotels in Miami-Dade may have security and crime issues that could leave their guests at risk for harm.

According to Central Specialties, LTD, hotel crime statistics often go unreported. Some hotel guests find themselves the victims of spying or peeping as well as property loss. Annually, violence is involved in approximately 15 percent of hotel crimes and hotels rooms are the location of more than 53,000 crimes. Each day, due to insufficient security surveillance and an inadequate amount of security personnel to properly monitor hotel premises, at least one criminal act occurs.

Lodging Media reports that hotels can protect their reputations and their guests by thoroughly evaluating their current security measures and taking a proactive approach to enhance them.

Ways this can be achieved include:

  • Getting to know guests and hotel visitors and encouraging feedback.
  • Performing frequent audits of current security measures on the premises and making necessary improvements in a timely manner.
  • Incorporating the use of technology, software and third party security to increase surveillance and to monitor and restrict unauthorized access to guest rooms and hotel premises.

Even with improved security protocols, hotels still need to be aware of current security breach issues so they can better protect their guests against those threats.

Hotel crime is not entirely preventable. However, its occurrence can be minimized when there are robust security and safety measures in place for hotel guests. Hotel owners who fail to focus on improving security in their establishments are putting their guests at risk of being victimized by crime.