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Electric Heater Risks

As the weather starts to get colder in Florida, more people are using electric heaters to warm their homes. As convenient and economical as this solution may seem, many people are not aware of the risks that electric heaters pose to their safety.

According to Newswise, electric heaters are the cause of emergency room treatment for more than 6,000 people who sustain burn injuries each year. 300 lives are claimed from fires that are related to space heaters. The number of residential fires in houses and apartments is more than 25,000. With colder temperatures, the risk of fire and injury becomes greater because more people are unable to resort to other means to keep themselves warm and comfortable inside of their homes.

The “second leading cause of residential fires is heating”, states TechTimes. Space heaters remove moisture from the air making it dry and easier to warm. However, this also increases the flammability of many items that are normally inside of homes. Many older model electric heaters can tip over easily and are not equipped with automatic shut-off and safety features. Other issues that can increase the risk of fire from use are children, pets, damage, misplaced cords, improper use, not enough space between heaters and other objects and leaving them on while unattended.

People who decide to use electric heaters to stay warm should do so with caution. They should check the wattage to ensure their homes are properly wired for these devices, avoid using extension cords and make sure they are using newer space heaters that are equipped with safety features to reduce their risk of malfunction and fire.