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Crosswalk injuries

Common Crosswalk Injuries in Florida

Florida is a beautiful state to get out, walk around, and enjoy the sunshine. Unfortunately, it is not always safe for walkers to do so. According to one study which broke down the 20 most dangerous states for pedestrians, Florida ranked first, making the Sunshine State the most hazardous for… Continue reading Common Crosswalk Injuries in Florida

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Mid-Block Crosswalk Accidents

Although many people assume that the majority of pedestrian accidents occur in intersections, the reality is that 70 percent of the most serious pedestrian accidents, those resulting in a pedestrian fatality, take place in non-intersection locations. Often, these accidents occur in what are referred to as mid-block crossings, or marked… Continue reading Mid-Block Crosswalk Accidents

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Who is Liable for Crosswalk Injuries?

In Miami, as in many other major South Florida cities, there are both marked and unmarked crosswalks. A marked crosswalk has painted lines, indicating the boundaries for pedestrians. Marked crosswalks typically have signs and signals indicating when pedestrians can walk, and when they should stop. Under Florida law, any pedestrian… Continue reading Who is Liable for Crosswalk Injuries?

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