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2 common types of dangerous conditions for tenants

People who rent from landlords are often not responsible for the upkeep of their homes. It is up to Florida property owners to rectify certain dangerous conditions to keep their tenants safe. This does not mean that landlords should invest into the latest aesthetic improvements to keep their tenants happy. They must do everything possible to ensure their properties are up to code and safe for their renters to live in. Tenants should make themselves familiar with the common types of dangerous conditions so they can do their best to avoid harm.

Bad lighting

Lighting in public access ways is extremely important for tenants and their guests. According to, some lighting issues, such as light bulb replacements inside of living areas are the responsibility of the tenants, unless some kind of electrical issue is also present. Some tenants have compromised eyesight that can make it difficult for them see clearly in areas where there is little to no light. Landlords who fail to keep the electrical wiring up to code and light fixtures in good working condition may be responsible for any accidents that occur that are related to those problems.

Uneven and cracked sidewalks

Many landlords may feel the sidewalks surrounding their buildings are not their responsibility. However, any cracks and uneven areas that exist can result in slips, falls and people getting hurt, states Renters Warehouse. Property owners should monitor the conditions of their sidewalks and floor surfaces to ensure they are structurally safe for people to use. They should have any cracks, holes and uneven surfaces repaired as soon as possible.

Landlords have a lot of responsibilities, especially when it comes to their tenants. Not only do they need to ensure their buildings meet local and state code standards, but they must also implement improvements to keep their tenants safe. Failure to do so could lead to accidents, injuries, wrongful deaths and lawsuits.