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10 Facts about Concussions & Sports

Playing sports is associated with many positive developments for children and teens, including lower body weight and increased self-esteem. However, the statistics are very clear that millions of children suffer concussions while playing competitive sports. And when concussions remain undiagnosed, children are at greater risk of suffering long-term complications.

Below, our personal injury lawyer in Miami looks at 10 facts about youth sports and concussions.

  1. According to Brainline, there are roughly 3.8 million concussions each year related to sports or recreation. This was based on a 2013 study.
  2. A different study reported by the University of Pittsburgh found 1.7-3.0 million concussions each year related to sports or recreation. Regardless of the precise number, millions suffer.
  3. Those under 18 make up roughly 70% of all of those who suffer a sports-related concussion. This works out to over 2.5 million concussions each year.
  4. Football was the leading sport for concussions in males, with a rate of 10.4 concussions for 10,000 athlete exposures. According to a 2019 CNN report, the rate of concussions in practice had declined, though researchers found an uptick in concussions during football games.
  5. For females, soccer led the way according to the same study, with 8.19 concussions per 10,000 athlete exposures.
  6. Cheerleading is the one high school sport studied which had a higher rate of concussions suffered in practice than in competition.
  7. Experts estimate that about 1 in 2 concussions are never reported. However, victims still can suffer serious complications.
  8. According to Brainline, a staggering 15% of students reported having a concussion during the past year, and 6% reported having two or more.
  9. Almost 7 out of 10 athletes played even though they were experiencing concussion symptoms. There were many reasons why, including athletes hiding their symptoms. In fact, a large percent of students (40%) claimed their coach was unaware.
  10. Multiple concussions increase the odds of suffering from post-concussion syndrome in teens and children.
    Can You Sue for Compensation?

Although sports are inherently physical, schools and sports leagues must take reasonable steps to protect the safety of all involved. Enforcing rules and having sufficient, high-quality equipment are two steps all schools and sports leagues should follow. If a football league allows illegal tackling, for example, then they could be liable for any injury your child suffers.

If you have a question about your right to sue, contact Dolan Dobrinsky Rosenblum Bluestein, LLP at 305-371-2692. One of our Miami personal injury lawyers will review the facts of your case.