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Theme park safety and accidents

Each year, thousands of people flock to Florida to visit some of the world’s most popular theme parks. With attractions like roller coasters, carousels and other exciting rides, many amusement park guests do not take into consideration the potential hazards that could hurt them. Although theme park accidents statistics are scarce, reports that amusement park rides are the reason 4,400 children are injured each year. Information on the annual number of deaths that occur from theme park rides is currently not available.

How restaurant owners can protect their guests from injuries

With Florida being one of the country’s biggest travel destinations, there are plenty of restaurants and fine dining establishments for tourists and locals to visit. Many of the owners and their staff work hard to keep their establishments free from hazards, but situations can arise at any time where accidents can happen. Anyone who becomes injured because of a restaurant owner’s negligence may be able to seek compensation for their ordeal by filing a premises liability lawsuit. 

Factors that contribute to senior slip-and-fall accidents

Slip-and-fall accidents are a leading cause of injury for many Florida seniors. According to, emergency rooms saw more 2.3 million seniors who had nonlife-threatening injuries from slip-and-fall accidents in 2010. Older people are more likely to trip and fall than any other age group. Most of these accidents often occur in their homes, but they can also occur anywhere, especially inside of grocery stores and on sidewalks. 

Hotels, robberies and guest assaults

When people make their reservations for hotel rooms in Florida, the last thing on their minds is safety. Hotels and motels are full of risks that can endanger guests. Even though they may have state-of-art security systems, well-trained security guards, and high safety ratings, issues can still suddenly pop up that can result in their guests being assaulted. Hotels have a duty of care to incorporate best practices to keep their premises safe and secure, states 

Ways to improve nightclub and bar security

Many bar and nightclub owners in Florida are so busy running their businesses that they may forget that it is their duty to protect their patrons from certain hazards and security issues. One major risk that many alcohol-serving establishments encounter is when inebriated customers start fights and brawls. Bar and nightclub owners who do not take reasonable actions prevent bar assaults could be held liable for any injuries that deaths that occur.

Can I sue if I am injured while staying at a vacation rental?

Instead of staying at a hotel in Florida for your vacation, you decided to stay at a short-term home rental that you found on a travel site to save some money. During your stay, you slipped and fell on the steps and broke your leg. Now you are wondering if you can sue the property owner. There were no railings for you to hold on to prevent your fall. Upon closer inspection, you noticed that one of the stairs was broken. You might be able to sue the property owner for premises liability to recover compensation for your injuries if they did not keep their property in a reasonably safe condition.

Landlords and premises liability

Burglaries and assaults are starting to become all too common for some apartment tenants in Florida. Many property owners may not realize that they have a duty to protect their customers from certain foreseeable accidents and harmful situations that can occur on their properties. Landlords that do not take measures to keep their guests safe are subject to the consequences of premises liability law, states Landlordology.

How to handle building safety issues with landlords

It is not unreasonable for tenants in Florida to expect for their landlords to provide them with safe living accommodations. However, residents should learn what actions they can take to alleviate any responsibilities they may have in maintenance issues that can arise.

Here is what you need to know if you have been involved in a slip and fall accident

If you have been in an accident and have incurred medical expenses or lost income as a result, there may be a chance you have a claim for damages. The law varies with regard to this, and in Florida there are provisions that say an accident has to be "foreseeable" for the property owner to be liable, but the fact is that "foreseeable" means different things depending on the kind of business you had the accident in, the nature of the accident, and that business's record of attempting to deal with the issue.

2 common types of dangerous conditions for tenants

People who rent from landlords are often not responsible for the upkeep of their homes. It is up to Florida property owners to rectify certain dangerous conditions to keep their tenants safe. This does not mean that landlords should invest into the latest aesthetic improvements to keep their tenants happy. They must do everything possible to ensure their properties are up to code and safe for their renters to live in. Tenants should make themselves familiar with the common types of dangerous conditions so they can do their best to avoid harm.

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