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Winter break resort safety

With winter break on the horizon for families in Florida, many parents are planning to spend some time at the local resorts and hotels. The increased crowds can pose a security issue for many establishments that are not used to catering to large groups of patrons at once. Parents should screen their choice of hotels carefully to ensure their safety. According to, to maximize guest safety, property owners should assess their security processes, equipment and operations so they can make immediate improvements as needed.

Lighting, fire safety, slip-and-fall prevention and lodging safety are just a few of the areas property owners should be concerned about, states Hospitality & Catering News. Hotel and resort owners who make these issues top priority can improve their standing with their guests and in the industry, thus improving their chances of success.

Property owners should hold training sessions on workplace safety. They should instruct workers on how to respond to various conditions and situations that can occur and affect guest safety like spills, broken elevators and missing lights. They should review protocols that are in place to resolve those issues, such as placing signs to notify guests of hazardous conditions.

Resort owners should install and maintain fire safety and prevention equipment in hallways, bedrooms and other required locations. Fire escape plans should be clear, easy to understand and located in communal areas and near fire escapes. Staff members should receive regular fire safety training sessions so they know how to respond to fire-related situations.

It does not take much for resort owners to improve and maintain high safety standards. With the right precautions, equipment and protocols, property owners and guests can avoid accidents and injuries during winter break.