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What To Do After a Car Accident

Don’t Run

If you ever get involved in a car accident, the foremost rule of thumb is to stop at the scene. Human nature might urge you to flee, so you have to keep calm and prepare yourself to face reality. Whether you are at fault or not, leaving the spot abruptly is a crime in itself. You shall observe the extent of damages caused to you and the adversary, but never take responsibility for anything in the spur of the moment. As a responsible citizen, you probably have your car insured, so let the insurance company handle your claim.

Evaluate Damages

Before examining the vehicle damage, assess any harm or injuries caused to the people involved. Call an ambulance if any person seems to be in a critical condition and call for help if you yourself need medical assistance. Do not move the automobiles from the scene of the incident, unless it is causing too much inconvenience to the public or the traffic police instruct you to do so. Irrespective of the magnitude of the accident, you must report it to the legal authorities, i.e. file a police report. 

Don’t Say too Much

Beware of the questions that the other party involved in the accident might put forward. Anything you say could be recorded or used against you, hence stick to minimum communication or stay silent if possible. Only talk about the accident with the police, a legal representative, your insurance agent, or a medical professional. Don’t forget to exchange names, address, and contact information with all the people in and around the accident. Getting acquainted with witnesses nearby can be quite helpful to your case. Noting down the opponent’s license plate number and driver’s description will also resurface as valuable information.

Act Smart & Be Resourceful

Once the car accident is reported, you will need to deal with the opponent’s insurance provider. Being part of a car accident can be stressful, so you can start by obtaining a car accident form from your local police station. This way you will know about all the particulars you need to fill out in order to exercise your claim. Primary requirements include the exact location, date, and time of the occurrence. Being aware of the car make and vehicle identification number of the other party will accommodate the process. If the road was extra busy or the weather conditions were unfavorable at the time of accident, remember to mention these details in the police interview. 

If you are in your right mind post-accident, taking pictures of the scene can become solid evidence during a court trial. In case you feel guilty for the accident, do not let it show in your public statement, or you can hurt your chances of receiving an insurance claim. Your answers should sound mechanical as any range of emotion could produce an adverse impact. Do not blame yourself or the other party for what happened; simply state dry facts and avoid any sort of confrontation or personal explanation. You might lack information about your state laws and the insurance provider of your opponent. If you live in CA, for example, consider seeking help from the car accident king or another experienced car accident attorney in your area. An attorney will help you recover quickly and ensure a full and fair reimbursement for losses.

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