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What summertime injuries should I be concerned about?

Sunny days and hot weather in Florida create the perfect recipe for shopping and spending more time outside. They also create conditions that increase the risk of injury-causing accidents. Most malls, stores and other establishments in the area are relatively safe. But there are potential hazards that can affect your safety.

Here are some things you should watch for to avoid accidents and injuries.

Avoid damaged sidewalks

Some sidewalks may require repairs after sustaining damage during the winter. These surfaces may have cracks, gaps and uneven pieces that can make walking on them dangerous. According to GuideOne Insurance, “sidewalks with cracks larger than a quarter inch are hazardous and can cause unsuspecting people to trip over them.” Although you may not expect to see sidewalks with serious defects, you should stay on guard for them and avoid them whenever possible.

Stay away from poorly maintained parking lots

Parking lots can withstand lots of traffic and wear and tear with regular maintenance. But when property owners fail to inspect and maintain their parking lots, the risk of injury for their patrons and guests increases. Common parking lot hazards that can lead to slips, trips, falls and injuries include cracks, debris and holes, poor design, no signs and not enough lighting.

Regardless of what your plans are for the summer, you should keep an eye out for the above hazards and more. Tree roots, fallen and damaged tree branches, nonstable objects and slippery surfaces can also create dangerous conditions that can result in you becoming injured. Monitor your surroundings and take alternative routes if you see issues that can affect your safety.