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What are the Main Causes of Head Injuries?

X-Ray of Skull

There is no such thing as a minor head injury. A head injury will leave an accident victim in immense pain, and they will require extensive rehabilitation. In some cases, a person may have to relearn how to walk and perform other simple daily tasks. An accident can cause a head injury in any number of ways, but some causes are more common than others. In most cases, accident victims are hurt due to the negligent, or careless, actions of another person. Below, our Miami personal injury lawyer explains how these injuries occur.


Slip and Fall Accidents

Slip and fall accidents occur in a number of different ways. A senior citizen may fall out of bed, or a construction worker may fall from a ladder. A customer in a store may slip on a spilled liquid, or fall on a stairway due to a broken step. Property owners are required to keep their premises in a safe and clean condition so no one becomes injured. When they fail in this legal obligation, accident victims can hold them liable for any loss they sustain.


Motor Vehicle Accidents

Motor vehicle accidents that involve bicycles, motorcycles, cars, and trucks are some of the most common causes of head injuries. The force of a crash can cause occupants inside a car to hit their head against the dashboard, steering wheel, windshield, and other interior areas of the car. Broken glass is very common around accident scenes, and this can cause a penetration injury to the brain or skull. When a vehicle slams into someone who is not in a vehicle of their own, such as a pedestrian or bicyclist, they will likely be knocked to the ground and sustain a head injury.


Acts of Violence

Domestic violence, gunshot wounds, child abuse, and assault are just a few of the violent acts that can cause a head injury. Shaken baby syndrome is also a serious head injury in infants that is caused by violent shaking. Perpetrators of other violent acts may strike a victim on the head, or throw them to the ground, causing their head to hit the ground as they do. Even though acts of violence are not negligent acts because they are intentional, injured victims can still file a claim against their perpetrator to claim damages for their losses.


Sports Injuries

Sports-related head injuries are particularly prevalent among young individuals. These injuries frequently occur as a result of a sport’s inherent characteristics. Coaches and other adults, however, can be held accountable when a child suffers a brain injury as a result of careless supervision.


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