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What are the Common Causes of Burn Injuries in Florida?

Kid with Burn Injury


Burn injuries are some of the most common seen in personal injury accidents. At minimum, these injuries cause redness, swelling, irritation, and blisters. At their worst, they can cause damage to the skin, bones, and muscles and even result in permanent scarring and disfigurement. If you have suffered a burn due to another person’s negligence, speak to a Miami personal injury lawyer who can help you claim the full damages you deserve. Below, our attorney outlines the main causes of burn injuries in Florida.


It comes as no surprise that fires are one of the leading causes of burn injuries. During a car accident, fuel tanks can explode and cause a fire that results in serious injuries. Sometimes, a person’s failure to take reasonable care when trying to prevent leaks can also result in a fire. Some of the most common causes of fires in personal injury claims are as follows:

  • Openings or leaks in gas appliances
  • Improperly secured clamps, hoses, and pipes
  • Fuel-delivery equipment and gas tankers left unattended
  • Careless driving, particularly by drivers of commercial gas trucks
  • Improper manufacturing, installation, or maintenance of gas appliances and gas lines


Steam and Hot Liquids

Steam and hot liquids can cause significant damage to a person’s skin. Liquid and steam that is too hot will injure someone in just a matter of seconds. An adult can suffer third-degree burns when their skin is exposed to 150 degree water for just two seconds. Even when the temperature of water is 120 degrees, five minutes is enough to suffer third degree burns.

Coffee is one of the most common types of hot liquids that cause burns. Servers may act negligently when delivering hot coffee, such as not securing a lid tightly on the cup. Boiling water, hot cooking oil, and improperly controlling the temperature in public hot tubs, showers, and spas are also common causes of burns from steam and hot liquids.


Contact with Hot Objects

Of course, touching a hot object such as a burner on a stove, an iron, or a cast-iron pan that has just been used can also result in some of the most serious burns. These types of burns are often the result of negligent supervision in daycare and childcare settings. Hot plates are also often used in restaurants and when a server fails to warn guests of hot dishes, or drops a hot plate on a diner, they can be held liable for any burn injuries that result.


Our Personal Injury Lawyer in Miami Can Help After a Burn Injury

Burn injuries are some of the most painful you can suffer in an accident. At Dolan Dobrinsky Rosenblum Bluestein, our Miami personal injury lawyers know this and we have seen the devastation these injuries can cause. We also know how to hold liable parties accountable for paying the full damages you are entitled to. Call us now at 305-371-2692 or fill out our online form to request a free consultation with a skilled attorney.