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Video Doorbell Poses Fire Hazard

Everyone has seen the ads for video doorbells. The ad goes something like this: a thief is attempting to break into a home, and the homeowner confronts the thief while being thousands of miles away at a party or while lying on the beach. Simply by using their phone, the homeowner can see the thief and tell him to get lost before they call the cops.

Unfortunately, one popular video doorbell model was just recalled by the manufacturer. The second generation Ring Video Doorbells poses a fire hazard to a home when installed improperly, so consumers should immediately check their product, since they could be at risk of injury. The manufacturer issued the recall on November 10, 2020 for about 350,000 units sold.

Battery Can Overheat if Installed Improperly

The Ring Video Doorbell is a smart doorbell with a high-definition camera and a microphone and speaker that allows for two-way communication. It also has a mobile app called Neighbors, which allows the user to view video from the camera in real time. The second generation doorbell was released in 2017 and has an improved camera, among other features.

The particular defect in the second generation doorbell involves the battery, which can overheat if the consumer uses the wrong screws to install the device. Consequently, the device could catch on fire and burn someone or even burn the house.

According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, there have been about 85 incidents reported to the manufacturer. Twenty-three incidents involve minor property damage when the device ignited. Eight people have also suffered minor burns from the overheating.

The model number for the recalled device is 5UM5E5. If you have a question, you can contact Ring by phone. They will provide information for how to install your device properly.

Are You at Risk?

Maybe not. The video camera is only at risk of overheating if a consumer uses the wrong screws to install the device. The device comes with two types of screws, a short security screw and a longer wood screw. The device could overheat if you used something other than the security screw at the base of the device. However, if you installed it properly, then the Ring Video Doorbell should be good to go.

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