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Victims of cruise ship accident injuries: know your rights

During the winter months, people from all over the world come to Florida to escape the cold and relax on vacation. Cruises can be especially popular during this time of year.

However, just because people are on vacation does not mean they are immune to serious accidents and injuries. In fact, accidents on cruise ships are not uncommon and people on board can be susceptible to dangerous conditions that have devastating consequences in the event of an accident.

Cruise ships, like hotels, have a variety of amenities and environments that can put people in danger if they are not properly designed and maintained. Swimming pools should have proper signage and be adequately maintained; food must be prepared properly; common areas must be cleared of hazards and have security in place.

If and when these measures fail or do not exist to begin with, the repercussions can be catastrophic for people who fall victim to unsafe conditions.

Recently, for example, a worker on a Carnival cruise ship out of Miami died in an elevator accident on the boat. Few details on the horrific accident have been reported and an investigation is underway to determine what caused the fatality.

However, this incident is a grim reminder that accidents can and do happen on cruise ships. If they are the result of poorly maintained machines, defective equipment or other dangerous conditions, injured victims and their families should know that they may have grounds to pursue a premises liability and/or wrongful death claim against the owner or operators of a cruise ship.

The legal requirements and restrictions of claims involving accidents on cruise ships are different from those involving accidents on land, so it can be crucial that you speak with an attorney about your options if you or your loved ones have been hurt or killed on a cruise ship.