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The dangers of uneven floor surfaces

Every day, someone slips and falls on uneven pavement in Florida. Around the country, slip and fall accidents are a leading cause of injury for certain people. Residential falls are the cause of almost 6,000 deaths, states A Secure Life. The severity of injuries for this type of accident ranges from minor scrapes and bruises to broken bones and death. Victims who injure themselves while walking on uneven surfaces often face long recovery times. People should make themselves aware of the dangers of uneven pavements and surfaces so they can avoid them.

Uneven floor surfaces, such as broken and cracked sidewalks, unlevel floors and carpets and rugs that do not stay in place are the source of many fall incidents. According to Robson Forensics, snow rain, ice, and obstructions contribute to slip-and-fall accidents as well. There are many factors that can cause level floor surfaces to become uneven and dangerous ones. Some of those factors can create hazardous conditions in a short amount that makes it hard for property owners to take appropriate actions to fix them. Building owners may want to consider adding safety floor mats, banisters and railings and other safety apparatuses to help improve overall floor safety so that people can walk safely.

Building owners have an obligation to keep their properties up-to-code and structurally sound. Making regular repairs, monitoring property conditions and listening to feedback from tenants, visitors and guests can help them to make changes and improvements to prevent the frequency of accidents that occur from uneven floor surfaces.