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Seniors at increased risk for slip-and-fall injuries

Many people in Miami-Dade experience minor injuries from slip-and-fall accidents. However, a previous blog post points out that older people are at a serious risk of suffering a fall. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports that 2.5 million elderly people suffer slip-and-fall injuries each year and are treated in emergency rooms. The risk of falling again increases two-fold after the first fall. It also states that hospitals admit more than 700,000 people for treatment of their injuries every year.

The National Center for Biotechnology Information reports that the main source of injury resulting in emergency care for seniors is falls. Elderly people who fall are more likely to be injured and be seen in the emergency room as a result of their accidents. Out of all types of outcomes, hospitalization and deaths are more likely to occur from slip-and-fall related trauma.

The number of people who experience fall-associated injuries that are carpet-related and require medical care every year is approximately 37,991. The percentage of those victims who were woman was 80.2. The percentage of patients who were involved in falls inside of their homes is 72.8 percent. Out of that number 35.7 percent of those individuals were likely to fall in their bathrooms. Falls outside of the home happened more often in retail stores and assisted living facilities.

Seniors can experience slip-and-fall accidents at any time. However, the risk of occurrence and likelihood and severity of injury increases substantially with age. Without preventative action and safety measures, elderly people can suffer from severe injury and even death.