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Night club security: Owners must maintain safe environment

Night clubs and bars are fun and exciting places where drinks are flowing, music is playing, and patrons are socializing and having a good time. However, owners of night clubs and bars in Miami-Dade are responsible for the safety of their guests so it is important that they make sure they have adequate security. Local Florida zoning ordinance requires night club and bar owners to employ security guards to keep their premises safe.

Too many owners fail to provide an adequate amount of security inside and outside of their establishments, according to Night Club & Bar magazine. Owners of these establishments should take proactive measures instead of reactive ones to reduce the occurrence of security incidents. Security guards are the first line of defense, therefore they should have proper training to offer protection inside and outside of the premises. They should anticipate and recognize hazardous situations, and take preventative measures to counteract them.

For example, while patrolling the premises, a security guard notices an intoxicated customer acting belligerent towards a female customer. Using proper protocol and instincts, the security guard approaches and asks the female patron if she is okay. If she is not, the guard addresses the male in a nonthreatening manner and asks him to leave. Instead of assuming the inebriated customer has left, the security guard escorts him off of the premises to ensure the potential threat has been alleviated.

Security guards who are properly trained and experienced can reduce the risk of harm to patrons by engaging in the following:

  • Prevent people from loitering
  • Record all identifying information of patrons who have been engaged in altercations, including license plate numbers
  • Patrol parking lots and outside of the premises to stay on top of problematic situations before they happen

When owners of bars and nightclubs fail to follow through on their responsibilities to their guests, innocent people can get hurt unnecessarily.