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Large Blind Spots: What You Should Know about “No Zones”

Commercial vehicles like tractor-trailers are a highly-visible feature on Florida’s highways. These mammoth vehicles weigh several tons and travel at high speeds, often racing to get to their destination.

Traveling on the highway with these large, dangerous vehicles is a challenge. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) has compiled a list of tips, the first of which is to avoid the blind spots on tractor-trailers in order to prevent a crash. Here’s what you need to know about sharing the road with large commercial vehicles.

Big Rigs Have Huge Blind Spots

All vehicles have blind spots, but tractor-trailers have very large ones on all four sides. When you are in a blind spot, the truck driver cannot see you. Visit the FMCSA website for a visual illustration of the location of these spots.

Some of these blind spots are surprising. For example, a trucker cannot see the space immediately in front of the cab. This means that when you pass you need to make sure there is ample cushion before you pull back into your lane.

To minimize the risks of collisions, move in and out of a blind spot quickly. Obviously, you cannot 100% avoid them, especially if you need to pass a tractor-trailer. But remember not to linger in a blind spot.

You should also use your turn signal, so that the driver can see you are pulling into the left-hand lane to pass. This will alert the driver so he knows that even if he can’t see you, you are moving through the blind spot.

How will you know if you’re in a driver’s blind spot? Here’s a simple test: if you cannot see the driver, he cannot see you. Take necessary precautions, especially when merging into traffic.

Pass on the Left

Avoid the temptation to pass on the right-hand side of the road. For one thing, the rules of the road prohibit passing on the right in most situations. For another, a big rig has a very large blind spot on the right-hand side. It takes longer to move through the blind spot on the right of a truck than on the left.

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