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Is Lane Splitting Legal in Florida?

Lane splitting involves a motorcyclist riding in the same lane as another motor vehicle, such as a car. Usually, bikers engage in lane splitting when traffic is going very slowly or when it is stopped. Lane splitting is not the same as “lane sharing,” which occurs when two bikers ride side by side in the same lane. Lane sharing can be legal.

There are many compelling reasons why motorcyclists should be able to lane split. Unfortunately, Florida does not allow it. The state believes that this practice is too risky and that any benefits are outweighed by the risk. If you were involved in an accident while out on your motorcycle, contact one of our Miami motorcycle accident lawyers today.

Why Do Bikers Like to Lane Split?

There are several reasons why. For one, lane splitting can speed up traffic. If the biker rides beside motor vehicles, then it can exit the road faster, which increases the speed of the flow of traffic for all vehicles out on the road.

There are also safety reasons. When traffic is stopped at an intersection, a biker is vulnerable to getting rear-ended by a car. By lane splitting, the biker is protected, and any driver coming up from behind would hit the vehicle first, not the motorcyclist.

Lane splitting can also reduce the heat and stress on motorcycles, principally by allowing them to get to their destinations faster. This can save bike owners a considerable sum of money on repairs.

Why Does Florida Prohibit Lane Splitting?

Currently, California is the only state that allows lane splitting, and even there the state encourages bikers to exercise extreme caution. Essentially, the state does not believe that traffic is so heavy that lane splitting would substantially reduce congestion on the roads. So the state rejects that lane splitting has any real benefits for the public.

The state also thinks lane splitting is too risky. A motorcyclist riding right beside a motor vehicle is at risk of getting sideswiped if the car driver makes a sudden move. This is true even at intersections with the vehicles stopped. Some motorists might be so surprised to see a biker beside them that they jerk the steering wheel and pull into them.

Our Miami Motorcycle Accident Attorneys Can Help

Lane splitting might be illegal, but traffic accidents happen every day. If you were involved in a collision, give us a call. Dolan Dobrinsky Rosenblum Bluestein is a leading personal injury firm in Miami. You can schedule a free consultation with a member of our team by dialing 305-371-2692.