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Infant Skull Fractures During Delivery

Babies have very soft skulls, which makes sense, given the fact that the child needs to squeeze out of the birth canal. The brain also continues to grow as the child ages, so the skull must grow along with it. However, skulls are also vulnerable to injury, in particular fracture, and these fractures can be deadly.

At Dolan Dobrinsky Rosenblum Bluestein, LLP we have met with concerned parents whose newborn has suffered an injury. We realize that delivery is often complicated; nevertheless, doctors must exercise appropriate skill and care. When they don’t, they have committed medical malpractice, and our clients can sue for compensation.

Injury During Delivery

Many babies suffer injury during birth, and the improper use of instruments is a key reason why. For example, a doctor might use forceps to help position the head and obtain sufficient grip to pull the child through the birth canal. However, if the doctor applies too much force with the forceps, then the skull can fracture. In extreme cases, the forceps might even crush the skull.

Some doctors use vacuum extractors instead of forceps, but the problem remains the same. A doctor who misuses the vacuum can seriously injure a child’s skull.

Labor Complications

A doctor is more likely to use forceps or vacuums when labor complications delay delivery. In these situations, a doctor might be worried that the baby could be suffering from oxygen deprivation or another condition that requires immediate delivery.

To be sure, this is a valid concern. Nevertheless, it might also be the case that the doctor’s own errors have created the “crisis” that makes the use of forceps necessary. For example, a doctor might have ignored a woman that was going into labor or not taken her complaints seriously. When the doctor finally gives the pregnant woman his full attention, a crisis has erupted, and he now believes that prompt delivery is necessary.

Dropping a Baby

Some babies also suffer a skull fracture following delivery when a nurse or doctor mishandles the child. A baby can suffer a fracture or other brain injury when dropped on the floor or into a crib. Some medical workers are also suffering from drug addiction and could violently injure a child by shaking it too strongly.

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Not all skull fractures stem from doctor error. Some occur naturally during delivery. For this reason, you need an attorney who can investigate the events that unfolded in the delivery room.

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