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How Does Heat Cause Car Accidents?

Residents of Miami are no strangers to heat, but there is no doubt that the entire state of Florida is becoming hotter. While this has some people concerned about climate change, heat waves, and even physical health, the intense heat can also contribute to car accidents. It is important to understand the increased risk of a collision during the hottest seasons in Florida, so you can avoid an accident and the potential liability you may face if you are found at fault.

How Does Heat Contribute to Car Accidents?

Driving through Miami on a sunny day is always enjoyable, particularly when taking scenic drives along Ocean Drive, Bayshore Drive, and the other beautiful areas the city has to offer. Unfortunately, as the temperatures start to climb, so do one’s chances of becoming involved in an accident. Some of the main ways heat can contribute to more collisions on the road are as follows:

  • Reduced visibility: Bright sunshine and glare can make it difficult to see what is right in front of you on the road. Regular exposure to sunlight can also physically damage your eyes, which can make it even harder to see.
  • Physical limitations: Studies have shown that heat can have a very physical and harmful effect on the body. Intense heat can make it more difficult for you to think and concentrate, which are two things all drivers should be able to do when behind the wheel.
  • Collisions with wildlife: When animals become hotter than normal, they may stray further from their habitats looking for food, water, and shade. Wildlife may also become more active at dusk and dawn because these times of the day are cooler. It is also harder to see during these times of the day, which are generally darker than mid-day. 
  • Vehicle issues: Excessive heat is hard on everything, including vehicles. Rubber on tires can overheat and cause a tire blowout, and cars can overheat, leading to a breakdown that could result in a collision.

Preventing Heat-Related Crashes

Even when heat causes an accident, someone must still be held liable for paying damages. For example, if you cause an accident because of glare from the bright sun, you will be held liable for paying damages. To prevent an accident from occurring, follow the below tips:

  • Use the sun visor in the vehicle and sunglasses to reduce glare and improve visibility.
  • Always wear sunscreen, even when in the car.
  • When on a long drive, take breaks often.
  • Always leave your car in the shade when parking or use a reflective windshield.
  • Use air conditioning or open the windows to keep cool while you drive.
  • Use good maintenance practices, such as taking your vehicle in for regular tune-ups.

Call Our Car Accident Lawyer in Miami After a Crash

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