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How can I protect myself from injuries while on vacation?

Summer is on its way, and soon the roads will be filled with tons of tourists visiting from all over the country. No one ever expects to fall ill or become injured while they are relaxing and having fun on vacation, but vacation accidents are very common in Florida. Careful planning and research are necessary to ensure that you and your loved ones do not end up spending your time recovering instead of having fun.

If you are planning to travel this season, make sure you know what actions to take to avoid vacation and resort accidents.

Drive safely

More drivers on the road mean that the risk of getting into car accidents is higher. To reduce your chances of ending up in a fender bender and suffering from injuries you should make sure that everyone in your vehicle is wearing their seatbelts. Put away all devices that may cause you to become distracted. Inform your passengers that conversation is limited to emergencies only. Follow all traffic rules and signs to ensure a safe arrival at your destination.

Inspect the hotel

Once you arrive at your hotel or resort, be sure to inspect the premises, especially the rooms you and your family are staying in. Check for adequate lighting, buckled carpets, broken stairs, missing banisters and other issues that could lead to accidental injury. Do not forget to inspect the bathroom to ensure there is a non-slip safety mat and safety handrails to use to prevent slips and falls when getting in and out of the bathtub and shower.

Practice pool safety

You and or family may be anxious to get to the swimming pool. However, you need to keep in mind that swimming pool accidents are a leading cause of injury in resorts. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, an average of 3,536 victims “fatally drowned in non-related boat accidents” from 2004 to 2015. Children who are under the age of 14 are particularly at risk. Make sure you and your relatives know how to act when they are near the pool. They should not run, venture near or into the water unsupervised, follow all posted rules and only swim when there is a lifeguard present.

Some accidents are unavoidable. Prepare yourself and pay attention to your loved ones and surroundings to minimize your risk of injuries while you are on vacation.