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Florida Nightclub Attacks and Injuries

The way fights in bars and clubs are depicted in movies would lead you to believe that everyone involved is a willing, even eager participant. In truth, most bar fights involve unwanted and unlooked for aggression from a single party. One study found that bar fights were twice as likely to be caused by one aggressor as they were to involve aggressors on both sides. In other words, most bar fights have an attacker and one or more innocent victims.

Fights in bars and nightclubs are not a rare occurrence. While some clubs may be more prone to violent incidents than others, any establishment that serves alcohol is aware of the potential for aggression. Having a properly trained staff and sufficient security is mandatory to protect patrons. Negligent security is a common cause of injuries and deaths stemming from violent assaults.

Bars and nightclubs should employ bouncers who are trained to prevent or at least minimize the impact of aggressive patrons. Bouncers should be on hand to snuff out violence before it can escalate. In some cases, clubs do not employ enough bouncers to perform the role effectively. In other cases, bouncers are actually the aggressor and lead the violent assault. In both of these situations, the owners of the property have failed in their duty to keep their premises safe. They should be held accountable for the harm suffered by victims of violent attacks.

Whether or not a bar or nightclub lived up to its responsibilities is dependent on many factors. Was the crime foreseeable? Are fights a common occurrence at the club? Is the club located in a high crime area? Would the harm have been prevented if reasonable security measures were in place? Getting full compensation for injuries caused in a bar fight or nightclub assault requires you to make a clear showing of how the property owner failed. To do that, you should speak to a personal injury lawyer who knows how to hold property owners in South and Central Florida accountable when they create dangerous conditions through inadequate security.

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