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Even Mild Concussions Cause Lasting Damage

Concussions are a relatively mild form of traumatic brain injury, and thousands of Floridians suffer one each year playing sports or getting into an accident. Now, scientists are discovering that even mild concussions have a range of long-lasting effects that can compromise a patient’s safety.

If you have suffered a concussion in a car or other accident, you might need ongoing medical assistance, which can be expensive. Talk with a Miami personal injury lawyer to discuss whether you can receive compensation.

Increased Risk of Alzheimer’s or Dementia

A new alert from the American Association for the Advancement of Science discusses long-range complications from mild concussions. One of the most serious involves damage to the lymphatic vessels, which are damaged when the brain swells and presses against the skull. These vessels are critical for cleaning out toxins from the brain.

Interestingly, doctors were not even aware of these vessels until 2015. Before that point, they believed that the brain was not impacted by the immune system. However, they have discovered over the past few years that lymphatic vessels play a critical role in keeping the brain clean. Any impairment will impede the ability of the brain to purge toxins going forward.

Studies with lab mice confirmed the scientist’s worst fears. When lab mice suffered brain injuries, their vessels were impaired for weeks. This could translate into years of impairment for the typical human. During that time toxins can accumulate in the brain, and scientists believe the result could be an increased risk of dementia or Alzheimer’s disease later in life. Doctors already know that concussion patients are also at risk for depression, anxiety, and suicide, and impairment to the lymphatic vessels might explain why.

Those at Risk

Any brain damage can compromise a person’s ability to function. However, researchers believe that damage to the lymphatic vessels will be worse for those who have already suffered at least one traumatic brain injury. A second instance of brain trauma is very difficult to overcome.

Unfortunately, the problems from a TBI might not show up for decades. Nevertheless, there is no reason not to seek compensation now to cover your past, present, and future medical care.

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