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Defective Bicycle Helmets on the Market

Bicycle helmets are an essential safety feature. Without a helmet, riders are vulnerable to serious head and brain injuries, all of which are reduced with a proper helmet. Helmets do not guarantee that a cyclist will walk away from a wreck injury-free, but they significantly increase the odds. However, there are many deficient helmets on the market that cause more harm than good.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) has primary responsibility for recalling defective and dangerous products in the United States. The agency has issued two recalls recently involving bicycle helmets. We encourage consumers to immediately stop using them and buy one that will properly protect them.

Children Helmets Are Recalled

The company WoombikesUSA has recalled about 2,000 of its helmets because they fail to meet federal safety standards. The helmets were sold through, as well as through the company’s website. The company is contacting consumers directly to notify them of the recall.

Because the helmet failed to meet federal safety standards, it poses a risk of a head injury. No one has yet reported injury, but it is best to stop using the helmet and to find something more suitable. Consumers should contact the company directly to obtain a full refund.

Morpher Helmets Pose a Safety Risk

The company Morpher sold flat-folding bicycle helmets that also did not meet federal standards. About 8,500 units were sold through Amazon and other websites. The helmets were manufactured in Hong Kong.

Flat-folding helmets are an excellent option because of convenience. Few people want to carry a bulky helmet around with them to school or work, but if a cyclist can fold a helmet, they can easily slide it into a brief case or a backpack. Unfortunately, Morpher’s helmets pose a risk of head injury, so consumers should not use them.

According to the CPSC, Morpher has gone out of business, unfortunately, so there is no chance for a refund. Instead, consumers should toss their helmets in the garbage can.

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