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Daily Business Review Reports Opposing Counsel DQ’d From Case for Unfair Informational Advantage

Kevin McCrea, a lieutenant firefighter with Miami-Dade County Fire Rescue, filed suit against the defendants in 2013, alleging he suffered severe burns after a Kidde Fire Trainer product ignited during a safety course facilitated by defendant Maley in November 2011. The complaint contended Kidde were negligent for a design defect in the item and liable for McCrea’s injuries.

Daily Business Review has recently reported that the defendant’s firm’s petition for writ of certiorari was declined by Florida’s Third District Court of Appeal. The firm had previously been removed from the case by a trial court after it failed to disclose to plaintiff attorney Dan Dolan that it had received a document sent to it in error. Instead, court records show it got — and kept — a handwritten statement the plaintiff had meant to send his lawyers, but accidentally had transmitted to the other side.

Order of disqualification letter.