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Car Accidents Can Cause Serious Internal Injuries 

Vehicles produce a lot of momentum and force when they’re in motion. In the event of a collision, these forces are transferred to a vehicle’s occupants and while the human body can withstand a significant amount of force, it is simply not designed to cope with these types of impacts. Besides suffering broken bones and lacerations, vehicle occupants could end up sustaining internal injuries, which, because they are so difficult to diagnose, can lead to all kinds of serious complications if left untreated. 

Brain Injuries 

Brain injuries are some of the most serious internal injuries that a car accident victim can sustain. Sudden blows to the head, for instance, can cause bruising and even lethal bleeding in the brain. In fact, a blow to the head is often not even necessary for a person to sustain this type of injury, as whiplash (or the sudden flinging of the head backwards and forwards) can cause similar problems. If untreated, these kinds of problems can result in permanent brain damage and in some tragic cases, death. 

Organ Damage 

The force of a car crash can also seriously affect a person’s internal organs, causing bleeding, bruising, and even organ failure. The liver and kidneys are particularly vulnerable during crashes, as a lot of the force in collisions is exerted on the back and abdomen.  Even airbags, which can prevent deadly injuries, have been known to cause some internal injuries. A person’s lungs could also become punctured (often by broken ribs), collapsing, and causing air to flood into the chest cavity. Car accident victims should keep an eye out for evidence of an internal organ injury, like abdominal pain, low blood pressure, and even back pain.

Internal Bleeding 

The organs aren’t the only things that suffer from significant impacts in car accidents. Blood vessels can also rupture due to excessive force, resulting in internal bleeding that is dangerous because it is simply so hard to diagnose. Depending on the severity of the bleeding, symptoms can take days to appear. Most, like weakness, dizziness, numbness, sudden headaches, impaired vision, and loss of balance are often wrongly attributed to a concussion, especially after a car crash. If the damage is excessive, the body may be unable to clot blood at all, which delays the repair of vessels, and can cause things like organ failure throughout the body. In other cases, it is the clotting of the ruptured vessels that poses a danger to victims, as the formation of blood clots in the wrong place can prevent the blood from circulating properly. 

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