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Can I sue a resort for wrongful death?

While you were staying with a relative at a local resort in Florida, your family member slipped and fell in the shower, hit their head on the tub and died. Now you are wondering if you can sue the resort for their wrongful death. You may be able to file a claim against the hotel, resort or property owner if you can prove that they did not provide reasonable safety accommodations, such as bath mats and safety handrails to reduce the dangers of slips and falls in the bathroom, states Wrongful death cases are often challenging to prove. Because you are suing the resort, you have the burden of proof.

Reality of resort accidents and deaths

The occurrence of resort accidents is becoming all too common. Whether they involve swimming pools, slips and falls, or crimes, they are unfortunate events that can cause a great deal of pain and suffering to the families of the victims. Victims may suffer from minor to severe injuries that can result in them needing lifelong medical care. Others may initially survive their injuries only to succumb to them later on.

Resort obligations

The resort owner and his or her staff must keep the property free of unsafe conditions. When issues that can affect your safety exist, they must take reasonable actions to correct them and provide you with sufficient notice about them.

Although you are still alive, you now have additional financial burdens that you did not have before your deceased family member’s accident. You have to pay funeral expenses and to settle their affairs. There is no amount of money that can bring them back, but the financial compensation that a wrongful death claim can provide can help you to deal with their loss.