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Brutal parking lot assault leaves elderly man severely injured

Many businesses in Florida provide parking lots for their customers as an additional form of convenience for them patronizing their organizations. By providing this convenience, property owners have a duty to make sure that these structures remain safe from certain hazards, threats and dangerous conditions that can affect the safety of their customers. Some incidents, like assault and robbery, can still occur even after preventative safety measures have been taken. Depending on the circumstances surrounding these situations, business owners can still be found negligent for any parking lot injuries that their customers receive from any accidents or crimes that occur on their premises

Recently, inside of a Walmart parking lot in Saint Petersburg, a 66-year-old elderly man was beaten by an attacker with his own walker as well as at least one physical punch and a chokehold. The man who initiated the assault, described as tall and black, left the scene in an SUV after he then robbed the older man. Among the items that were taken from the older man was his wallet. The attack occurred after a conversation was initiated by the younger man. The entire incident occurred while the elderly man was walking alone in broad daylight.

The victim’s condition is currently not known and the suspect was not in custody at the time of the report. However, law enforcement does have a partial description of the perpetrator and of the plate and getaway vehicle.

It is not always possible for one to know when they will be become the victim of an assault and attack on someone else’s property. Property owners that fail to take reasonable measures to protect their guests from certain foreseeable dangers like crime can be held liable for any situations that occur. Dealing with premises liability issues can be quite challenging. Many people find that it is more beneficial for them to speak with an attorney about their situation.

Source: Tampa Bay Times, ”Elderly St. Petersburg man beaten with his own walker in Walmart parking lot,” Sept. 12, 2016