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Be Careful of Firework Burn Injuries

Each year, over 9,000 people visit the emergency room for a fireworks-related injury. That’s according to statistics kept by the Consumer Product Safety Commission. And this year the numbers could be even worse.

At Dolan Dobrinsky Rosenblum Bluestein, LLP we help those who have suffered burn injuries obtain compensation for their injuries. If someone mishandles fireworks, then innocent spectators could suffer burns on any part of their body. Please contact us today.

Children at Risk

Unsurprisingly, young children are the most likely to go to the emergency room after a fireworks accident. In fact, children under the age of 15 made up 36% of firework victims. Sparklers and bottle rockets are just as dangerous as other fireworks, and young children are unprepared for how to handle them safely.

Children can also end up hurting other people if they use the fireworks improperly. Many people suffer serious injuries to their hands, fingers, and legs. And burns were the most common injury, making up around 44%. These burns can require skin grafts or surgery to treat, resulting in a long recovery.

Fireworks are Legal in Florida

States can regulate who may buy and use fireworks. Historically, Florida has prohibited everyone from buying fireworks unless they had a permit. However, just this year, Florida enacted a law that made fireworks legal for citizens on three holidays: July Fourth, New Year’s Eve, and New Year’s Day.

We expect many people will buy fireworks for this Fourth of July, especially since some shows have been canceled around the state due to the coronavirus pandemic. Unfortunately, few people are properly trained on how to use them properly. We expect many people to cause an injury—either to themselves or to other people.

Obtaining Compensation

If you were injured by fireworks, a key question will be whether you handled the fireworks or not. If you did, then it can be hard to bring a lawsuit, since you were injured by your own negligent or reckless conduct. Unless the fireworks were defective, it will be hard to bring a successful legal claim.

However, someone injured nearby has a much stronger claim to compensation. They might argue that a person owed them a duty of care to use the fireworks properly, and their mishandling of them is to blame for their burns.

Contact us today. Our Miami burn injury lawyers will carefully look at whether you have a legitimate claim. You can call us at 305-371-2692 or send us an online message. Our consultations are free.